By Keith Nobles

Lets talk about socialism and the people who promote it shall we?

Bernie Sanders is hands down the most prominent socialist in the country. I will be as blunt as I can be here – Bernie Sanders has spent his life deceiving people. A considerable portion of that deception has been around what he has supported – in other words what he has stood shoulder to shoulder with in support of, and when it goes bad just as rational honest people forecast it would go bad, Bernie Sanders habitually denies he ever stood shoulder to shoulder with it.
Just the truth.
Genocide of Indians, arresting people for going to church, absolute censorship of the press, apartheid, gulags, concentration camp systems – you name it and Bernie Sanders has stood shoulder to shoulder supporting it and then later denied that he ever supported it. Fortunately for history Bernie Sanders has a fatal vanity in his inability to stay away from a camera or interview.
Bernie Sanders is now working hard to spawn a new generation of socialist, a spawning based on deception.
As a society we look at Holocaust deniers and think, “How could anyone deny that the Nazis killed all those people?”
Yet many people and much of the media wants to let Bernie Sanders and his political spawn off the hook for Bernie’s denial of socialist holocaust. It is absurd to the point of cultism. The only way that Bernie and his spawn avoid denying the Nazi holocaust is by denying that a party named the National Socialist Workers Party were not socialist! Yes it is that dishonest – but it must be that dishonest in order to remain even remotely viable.
That Bernie Sanders is not called to account for his support of the Sandinista genocide of Miskito Indians, not called to account for his support of apartheid Cuba (yes Cuba is an explicitly racist system), not called to account for more than fifty years of supporting regimes that operated gulags and concentration camps, not called to account for supporting regimes that arrest church goers and even Bernie Sanders own call for absolute censorship of the press.
This is why, in a word, so many of us have zero confidence in the major media. This is why when Trump says the major media is the ‘enemy of the American people’ it resonates even if you despise Trump.
If a candidate for any office, let alone President, were to say to the effect “The Nazi’s were trying to do the right thing, they provided single-payer healthcare and a job to everyone and destroyed the capitalist system, that whole holocaust thing is overblown, I mean these things happen in war, even the United States has done that!” you would run to the nearest exit.
Yet the fictional statement in the paragraph above is not materially different from what Bernie Sanders has said about socialist countries other than Nazi Germany executing the exact same actions against human beings as what Nazi Germany did.
I simply cannot fathom the willingness of people to excuse this.
Sometimes societies just collectively go insane.