By Keith Nobles

Let’s talk shall we?

I write these articles with the goal of talking people off the ledge. People tell me I have succeeded in their individual life just often enough for me to keep at it. I have no illusions that I can turn around the masses.
You all know I often repeat what James Kunstler said, “Sometimes societies just collectively go insane.” Everyday the evidence for that statement to be applied accurately to our society accumulates. My hope here is to get people to stop and think and walk away from the insanity. You are not required to participate in the craziness just because it is the zeitgeist. Sane rational people are becoming an increasingly rare and valuable commodity.
How do we know that society has collectively gone insane? A significant portion of the people are advocating for socialism. If that is not the definition of insane then I do not know what is. I will get to the insanity of the Trumpsters shortly.
Years ago now I read a Daniel Pipes book on Jihadism. What stuck with me from that was his observation that modern Jihadism is not concerned with individual morality or piety but with state instituted piety and morality. In other words that the people are not pious or moral is not a concern as long as the governing body institutes laws that fulfill Sharia. Pipes had long explanations for why he believed that was that I will not go into but at the time I found it odd and counter-intuitive. I no longer find it odd or counter-intuitive because I see it everyday in America. Everyday I see people vehemently demanding that the force of the state be brought to bear against individuals to make them do something that the people advocating for force are unwilling to do themselves. There used to be a word for this, hypocrisy. However people have so rationalized why it is okay for them to do something but not okay for someone else to do the same thing – in fact for the other person doing it to lose life liberty and property for doing so – that it genuinely verges into collective insanity. Much of this insanity stems from Critical Theory – which the people repeating it mindlessly have never heard of – but the gist of the practical application is that due to circumstances that no one can control some people will be severely punished while other people will be granted dispensation for the exact same acts, thoughts and words. It is the ultimate in asymmetrical morality.
It produces nothing but misery for everyone – but many people have bought into it because it explains away a whole raft of issues without having to encounter any responsibility or accountability for oneself or the decisions that one made or the failure of policies, legislation, regulations, politicians and bureaucrats. In other words, government employees at all levels and in all venues – elected and non-elected – love this because it gets them off the hook for their failures and incompetency. Made to order excuse for those in government.
That takes us to the next topic – the irrationality (insanity?) of forever defending government corruption and incompetency. Let me be clear, Donald Trump is President for one reason – the casual corruption of Hillary Clinton. Democrats have to own that in order to escape it and they have not. Thinking back, the interesting thing about all of the Wikileaks emails was how it confirmed what most people assumed about the casual corruption of the Clintons and all those who surround them. The Clintons live in a cesspool and everyone in their circle lives in that cesspool with them.
That the Clintons live in a cesspool shocks no one – Trump won because for eight years the Obama administration was institutionally corrupt and the prospect of Hillary succeeding him with her obvious corruption was just too much. In my opinion here is where much of the current insanity roots – the inability of the Obama supporters to come to any kind of honest intellectual or moral terms with the massive corruption of the Obama administration. How massive was the institutional corruption? According to data put out by the Federal government itself, about $15 trillion in net wealth was transferred from the bottom 93% of Americans to the top 7% of Americans during the eight years of the Obama administration. Since the first Obama inauguration the two words that have not passed the lips of any Democrat at any time have been the words ‘net wealth.’ We had Dodd-Frank, sold to the unwitting as some kind of control on Wall Street when in reality it was the Federal government promising to bail out Wall Street with taxpayer dollars no matter how much risk they took. We had the Bernanke put. We had an unprecedented unleashing of credit which enriched the few and impoverished the many in terms of net wealth that was never mentioned by those responsible.
The entire Obama program of enriching the billionaires, Wall Street and the corporations that would pay to play was predicated on the people that voted for him not being willing to say, “I am sorry, I was wrong.” They played on ego, pride and the unwillingness of people to admit a mistake even to themselves. It also did not hurt that outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post – owned by the very billionaires who profited so handsomely from the Obama policies – completely ignored this aspect of the Obama years. The same institutions now are dedicated to finding what ever flaws they can in regard to Trump – because the spigot of free money flowing to them via government policy is being threatened.
The voters did not ignore it though. That trillions flowed from the 93% to the 7% and whom it flowed to and from aligns very nicely with the 2016 electoral map. People may not have understood the economics of it or how the mechanisms worked but they certainly understood that the Obama administration strip-mined middle America of their wealth in favor of Wall Street and corporations.
That leads us to Trump.
Trump won explicitly because, as Bannon recently put it, “He told the establishment to go f**k itself.” For middle-America, after being strip-mined of their wealth by Obama enabling Wall Street, that is a powerful message.
Again, the root cause of the insanity on the Left is the inability to come to anything approaching honest intellectual or moral terms with any of this. Endless fictional fantasies must be endlessly spun in order to avoid the harsh truth of what they did to their neighbors – and themselves. One really can root this in the inability to say, even to themselves, “I am sorry, I was wrong” no matter how much indisputable data there is – including memos and emails within the Obama administration itself acknowledging that this is exactly what the Obama folks intended to do.
The insanity is readily apparent in that today so much of the argument on the Left boils down to claiming “They deserved to be strip-mined of their wealth” (refer back to Critical Theory above) while ignoring that the very Leftist proclaiming this were also strip-mined of their wealth in favor of the 1%. Therein is the absurdity of the American Left, that they continue to this day to argue in favor of policies enriching the 1% and impoverishing everyone else – all in order to avoid having to admit that they made a mistake with Obama.
Unfortunately we now have Trumpsters that are attempting to elevate Trump to the status of demigod. Rather than acknowledging the reality of what Trump does well and not well, and particularly the reality that Trump is playing a high-stakes high-risk game, they demand cult-like adherence to all he does. Deviation is not allowed no matter how insane he may appear to be behaving at any given moment. The cult of personality that surrounded Obama and has now created the divorce from reality that the Left suffers from is being mirrored by the Trumpsters.
A remark in regard to Trump such as “Well thats a bad idea” is akin to treason within the cult. All sorts of superfluous and vapid reasoning is engaged in to demonstrate why Trump is the superior evolution of mankind and we should all kneel and bow to his brilliance.
Trump is playing a high-risk high-stakes game and it can go very badly very quickly. I know the Trumpsters get all spun up at me for saying that but it is so. I am pessimistic but hopeful. I want Trump to succeed because I want America to succeed and if Trump fails at this game it is likely to look like September 2008 all over again. However it would be dishonest not to say that this strategy is dangerous and high-risk. What is more, if you are going to get into an economic war then the side with the most friends typically wins – and making friends is not the Trump forte. Perhaps Trump can find a niche victory here but history is against him. You cannot do what he is doing for very long and hope to succeed for the simple reason that other countries will make other accommodations rather than have the United States destroy their economy. The United States became the global power it is by fostering cooperation and producing win-win scenarios.
You need friends in order to prosper and succeed.
Sometimes societies just collectively go insane.
Come on off that ledge now…