Can we attempt to engage in some non-hyperbolic reality for just a moment or two?

In the wake of each of these terrible events we engage in this ‘Do Something!’ argument and of course that ‘something’ that may get done does nothing in regard to preventing the next future event and arguably simply produces more unenforceable laws that make it even harder to prevent the next event.
Let us be frank – people do not care that doing ‘something’ is counter-productive because they are emotionally invested in doing ‘something.’
Furthermore people become even more ridiculous when they attempt to simultaneously cite the frequency of these events as a casus belli to ‘Do Something!’ while also citing the infrequency of these events to demonstrate the effectiveness of the last time they demanded ‘Do Something!’
Here is the truth: people who are willing to plan to shoot up a school or a theater or some place similar and then carry through on that plan are relatively rare. That being said, predicating the prevention of mass murder on people that are willing to commit the crime of mass murder not be wiling to commit other crimes leading up to the crime of mass murder is absurd.
Every law we currently have that politicians proclaim is in place to prevent the next mass shooting and every law proposed to prevent the next mass shooting has as the linchpin the presumption that criminals will not also break those laws.
Laws do not exist to protect you, laws exist as a legal basis to prosecute someone after the have done something.
Grasp that and you will grasp the absurdity of the entire gun control regime. It is predicated on criminals only breaking the laws you want them to break and not the laws you don’t want them to break. These mass shooters commit countless crimes in acquiring their firearm yet the government is helpless in enforcing those laws until after something bad has happened. Having those laws prevents nothing. The efficacy of this system is zero and the proponents of this system attempt to use the truth that their fellow citizens have no desire to commit evil using a fire arm as false evidence for the usefulness of these laws. In other words, that the overwhelming majority of people do not commit crimes is not evidence of a law being useful it is merely evidence that the overwhelming majority of people are not evil.
People are invested in demanding something be done purely to satiate their emotional needs and not to address the actual issue. We have become such a self-absorbed society that we simply do not care if what we argue for is helpful or not – we care that we can inflate our self-proclaimed superiority.
Stop it.