By Keith Nobles

I often decry the concept of White Privilege as a Marxist construct deriving from Critical Theory. Those making accusations of White Privilege don’t care what so ever about actual racism.

How can I say that with such confidence?

I can say that with such confidence because we have actual laws on the books even now, laws intended to hobble and punish black men, laws sold to the American people as explicitly racist that are still explicitly racist in punishing black men, that the advocates of White Privilege fully embrace.

Those laws are gun control and the minimum wage.

Gun control and the minimum wage are the vestiges of Jim Crow. Embrace the minimum wage and gun control and you are embracing the institutional racism of Jim Crow.

When you are willing to eradicate the last of the Jim Crow laws and oppose gun control and the minimum wage I will believe you care deeply about ending institutional racism – but as long as you support inherently racist laws I do not buy it.

Choose one, you can support gun control and the minimum wage or you can fight racism…

You can not do both.


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