By Keith Nobles

The Federal tax code is about 75,000 pages. A tax code is pretty simple and could be accomplished in a single page.

Everything after that first page, those other 75,000 pages, were all sales. They were politicians and bureaucrats selling in exchange for campaign contributions or retirements gigs or consulting contracts for their spouse or six figure jobs for their ne’er-do-well nephew.
This is the part a lot of people have a hard time grasping – what these entities are purchasing in the tax code (and regulations in general) is not just the ability to pay fewer and less taxes but for the competition and potential competition to pay more. The major goal of these purchases is to be able to crush potential competition with taxes and regulations that the incumbent corporations either do not have to suffer under or that they can absorb but will put smaller less well-financed competitors out of business.
All of the people who support ‘Fight for $15!’ need to grasp that better paying jobs are intentionally diminished by taxes and regulations.
If you want higher wages start by having a one page tax code and massive deregulation. This tax code and these regulations were not put in place to make it ‘fair’ and to protect you but to protect incumbent corporations from competition from people like you.