By Keith Nobles

Let us talk about Trump, the anonymous New York Times article, Woodward, the Washington Post publishing an article claiming the hunt is on to replace Mattis and then debunking its own story in the first paragraph by saying that there is no indication Mattis will be leaving or that Trump will fire him.

So far, there is no there there to any of this. Seemingly a cast of thousands has already left this administration yet not one of these fired, bitter people has stepped up to validate any of this? Makes me skeptical of the whole thing.

Even the uber-left LA Times has condemned the anonymous article that the New York Times published as being pretty close to actual treason. It is the opposite of what the hardline opponents of Trump claim they want, yet they have convinced themselves of their virtue because they by and large embrace unsubstantiated bullshit. This whole affair – New York Times article, Woodward, the Washington Post – is unsubstantiated bullshit and it will remain unsubstantiated bullshit until they can roll some people out with sufficient credibility to verify it.

Now, that may happen but it has not happened yet and, one might reasonably presume, the New York Times and Washington Post are highly motivated to make that happen and have failed. It is also quite reasonable to assume that they have failed because it is bullshit.

In the United States of America in 2018, we love us some unsubstantiated bullshit. A critical mass of Americans live for unsubstantiated bullshit. As long as that unsubstantiated bullshit makes us feel good about ourselves we snort it like Charlie Sheen on Friday night. All we are missing is snorting it off the porn stars behind. People embrace unsubstantiated bullshit as if it was their life blood – both Trumpsters and those who hate Trump. People are addicted to it.

This is the problem with the division in this country and let me tell you why: people use the unsubstantiated bullshit to reassure themselves of their virtue and to reaffirm that the other side has no virtue. I don’t care who you hate or support, if you are justifying it with unsubstantiated bullshit then your virtue is in severe doubt.

If it only ended at that it would be ugly but not disastrous. Let me tell you why it is disastrous: because people use this unsubstantiated bullshit to validate their own virtue and the lack virtue of the other side and then extrapolate that out to rationalize asymmetrical morality. “I can do something with impunity but you cannot do it without being punished” is where people are trying to drive this, all predicated on unsubstantiated bullshit.

That is disaster.

There are a significant number of people attempting to foment a crisis where no crisis exist. I would theorize that they feel their lives to be less important and of note than the lives of people who came before them and they are play-acting and pretending that they are doing something as important as what other people in the past have done rather than appreciating that they get to live their lives without crisis. The endless pretend crisis is simply to feed the ego and vanity of people who would otherwise not feel important. Sooner or later someone will say “I am your huckleberry” and it will be off and running. If you want a crisis badly enough then you can certainly create one – and you and your children and your grandchildren will regret every minute of it.

This is all predicated on unsubstantiated bullshit. Asymmetrical morality is always predicated on unsubstantiated bullshit. Asymmetrical morality never lasts, it is either dropped as a bad idea or it ends in violence.

Choose wisely which of those two options that you prefer. It may be the most important choice you ever make.