Years ago, sometime in the mid-’90’s, I first encountered the Art Bell radio show. I was working late one night trying to figure out why some USWest software was not working (hard to believe I took USWest software that seriously since they generally didn’t take their own software that seriously but what I did) and late at night I scanned the AM on the radio on my desk and stumbled across someone explaining why he believed the Apollo moon landings were faked. I though, ‘Hmmm better than music at keeping me awake and alert…’ so I listened. It ended up being a debate over the moon landings and if they were real. One fellow explained his side of what he held out as evidence as to why they were faked – then the other fellow started explaining why they were not faked.

What was his main evidence that the Apollo moon landings were not faked pray tell?

We know the moon landings were not faked because – the astronauts brought back the alien artifacts!


At the time I though – “Well this is different.”

Now – in 2018 – here we are having political, cultural and societal debates all-too-often based on just as much fiction and fantasy as “We know the moon landings were not faked because – the astronauts brought back the alien artifacts!”

No joke – we have people arguing that Trump should not be President because he is a lying ass even though people voted for him to be President knowing full well he is a lying ass. To make it even more absurd, we now have the Trump defenders arguing that he is not a lying ass – even though every rational being in the universe knows – Trump is a lying ass.

Trump is simply a Master Troll. Not a quality I want in a President but no arguing he is the expert troll. The established political structure has not yet figured out how to deal with a troll in the White House.

To add the ridiculous on top of the absurd like sprinkles on an ice cream cone no one wants to deal with the reality that for the most part people voted for Trump because – as much of a troll as he is – he is demonstrably less of a lying ass than either of the Clintons. It is highly debatable if Trump is more or less of a lying ass than Obama.

Yet we want to argue politics and culture and society on any basis other than that these people are lying asses.

It is an interesting social and psychological phenomena as to why we cannot, as a society, just admit that these folks are all lying asses and move on. I suspect we just want people to tell us what we want to hear and sleep easy at night knowing that our side is ‘winning.’

I sleep pretty well knowing they are all lying asses.