By Keith Nobles

Trump is not like anyone we have had in the White House in a very long time, if ever. What is different is not what most claim to be different about Trump.

Trump creates his own media storm, mostly via Twitter. As to his actual agenda and the truly important things going on he is generally silent. His tweets may advance that agenda but they are never actually about that agenda. What Trump is trying to do is still to a very large degree a matter of speculation and that is remarkable this far into his term. Into the void of actual knowledge about the actual agenda the media and crackpots spin endless tales that create daily outrage on the Left and MAGA! amongst the Trumpsters while the actual paradigm shift is all but ignored.
The latest thing to be all but ignored is that Trump has created a dollar liquidity crisis amongst the major players in emerging markets. To say this is a high-risk, high-stakes game is an understatement. The appetite for risk that Donald Trump possesses is breathtaking. He really is the Evel Knievel of Presidents. One has to ask, who really cares about crashing the economies of Turkey and South Africa? What possible economic or political advantage is there to doing that?
About the only reasonable assumption to be made here is that the ultimate target is China.
My completely amateur take on this is that Trump is making economic war on the world. For a nation or an entity to escape Trump making war on them, they must get on board the U.S. agenda in regard to China – and Iran. Much was made of the recent agreement between Trump and the EU – people repeated the press conference talking points endlessly. Things like the EU will buy more soy beans, we will have a new U.S. friendly trade regime, etc. etc. If you look at what was actually agreed to as opposed to what talking points were produced for the press conference you see there is no actual agreement to do any of that. What it appears to me has happened is that Trump and the EU declared a truce in this economic war and the EU got on-board in regard to China and Iran.
It would appear that Mexico is very close to being on-board as well. It would seem to me that Trudeau has foolishly politically boxed himself in with public statements that were a result of having misread the situation.
By a similar token, some pretty smart people have concluded that the United States has created a de facto oil-backed dollar. That is earth-shaking. Paradigm shifting. Once again this is a direct threat to China. Yet, other than some rather hard-core financial analysis reporting – no where in the news. Once again, this should be at the top of the news if we had a news media that was remotely functional, but we do not. Instead we have outrage-producing nonsense on the Left and MAGA! amongst the Trumpsters.
I understand that some folks will accuse me of giving Trump too much credit. I may very well be giving him too much credit. However there are certainly people in his administration – like Kelly, Mattis, Pompeo – who know what is happening. Even if you think Trump is an idiot, he is certainly not surrounded by idiots.
Crippling China and preventing them from attaining a position of superiority in the 2020’s would seem to me to be what this is all about. Now perhaps Trump is a disjointed lunatic or perhaps all of the daily nonsense is in service of the ultimate goal of China. That takes us back to what I said above, “As to his actual agenda and the truly important things going on he is generally silent.” We do not know. Perhaps Trump plays this daily reality TV game to entertain the masses while the really important stuff is going on in the background unnoticed by those masses and unreported by a media focused on hourly clicks and ratings rather than explaining what the hell is actually happening in the world?
If we attribute all of this to Trump having an ultimate goal of China – then the question is can he succeed at this? It is an incredibly risky high stakes game and success is far from assured so drop the MAGA! until there is or if there is success. I have zero hope that the Left will drop their daily outrage, it is all they have to justify to themselves their continued relevancy in the universe.
A few last thoughts on why Trump is so focused on bringing Iran down- perhaps it has nothing to do with Israel or even Syria or Iraq. Serious people have speculated that taking down the mullahs is the necessary precedent event to ending the petrodollar system and that being the ultimate goal of the Trump administration. A strong and legitimate argument can be made that our fiscal, monetary, economic and political malfeasance of recent decades roots in the petrodollar system and that ending that system is the only path to ending the domestic malfeasance and disfunction of the United States short of our experiencing a disaster. Pure speculation that this is what Iran is about but Trump has said we need to end the petrodollar system – as every post-Cold War President has said that we have to end the petrodollar system. Just perhaps the Kelly-Mattis-Pompeo group is acting on that very thing?
Interesting stuff. The short story here is – no one knows what the hell is going on. Perhaps I am giving the Trump administration too much credit or perhaps the media and the Left and MAGA! are giving the Trump administration too little as they get caught up in the daily reality TV nonsense that Trump propagates? And no, not 4-D chess and that other nonsense – just appears to me that Trump is focused on blowing up the existing international order and if you get on board with him he wont blow you up too badly. That leads to the question – what is the goal in blowing up the international order? Crippling China seems the obvious goal and the petrodollar the interesting speculative sideshow.
Regardless, buckle up…