By Keith Nobles

Two weeks ago I saw someone from Kabul post that they were leaving for Sturgis. Over the last week people in Europe, Australia and Asia have been posting that they are leaving for Sturgis. The next few days people on the east, west and Gulf coast will post that they are hitting the road for Sturgis.

Here I am only six and a half hours of road time from Sturgis. One year I had to fire someone on the Tuesday of Sturgis. I went up on Friday, rode home Monday night, fired this guy Tuesday morning and rode back up there Tuesday afternoon. Didn’t even take my tent down or pack my stuff.
Every year I go to Sturgis and I meet people who have traveled there from every corner of the earth because, Sturgis. Ask your everyday American what their dream trip of a lifetime is and they might say Paris or London or Tokyo or Australia or Africa. Go to this party on the South Dakota prairie that goes twenty four hours a day for a week and meet people from Paris and London and Tokyo and Australia and Africa and ask them what their dream trip of a lifetime is and they say “Sturgis baby! This is it!”
If you don’t get how cool that is I don’t know what to say. That you are drinking beer with someone from Argentina or Russia or Guam or Singapore or Jackson Mississippi who managed to get a motorcycle maybe halfway around the world to be there while you are all singing along to Lynyrd Skynyrd playing Sweet Home Alabama or Ozzy singing War Pigs and every one is best friends – it is what things are supposed to be.
Want to know what makes America great and different than every other place on earth? Go to Sturgis.