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Trump: “I’d Love To See A Shutdown” If No Immigration Law


Auto Industry Top Trends For 2018


Year Of The Dog? No, Year Of The Frog


Confused About Market Intervention?

Let us review this one more time as there seems to continue to be confusion - Socialism is not sharing, socialism is force. Sharing is sharing...

“The Most Fatal Thing A Man Can Do Is Try To Stand Alone”

“The most fatal thing a man can do is try to stand alone.” ― Carson McCullers Some smart people have drawn parallels between our current global society...

Is A Degree A Waste Of Money?


Discernment Is A Virtue

By Keith Nobles When I was in school I had a lot of mediocre teachers, a couple that should have been no where near a...

Mauldin: Half Of Financial Advisors Will Lose Their Jobs


What Did They Think Would Happen?

For twenty-five years Democrats argued to lower the standard for acceptable behavior from the President and politicians in general - They argued that sexual adventures were of no...

The Answer Is Wage Growth Not Tariffs

By Keith Nobles Some loose general thoughts on trade and tariffs - Trump's tariffs this week ended up being a nothing. The tariff he placed on steel...