By Keith Nobles
I am all for securing the border.
I am neither particularly for or against building a wall because I have no idea if that is the best way to secure the border or not. I am sure there are experts on this topic (and I would guess the experts probably do not have unanimous opinions) but I am confident that 99.99% of the Facebook posts I see pro- and con-wall are not those experts.
My guess is that without the political will to secure the border a wall will be of little to no use.
This whole wall thing has become a symbol of something else entirely.
It is the current illustration of our collective insanity.
If we were still a rational people the conversation would look something like this:
Should we secure the border? To what extent and degree should we secure the border? What is the most effective way to go about that?
Nah, not us.
People are declaring inanimate objects to be racist and arguing that if you don’t want a wall then you are for open borders.
We are just swimming in absurdity, and proud of it.