By Keith Nobles


Five and a half decades ago Ronald Reagan gave one of the most important and influential speeches in American history, A Time for Choosing.

It has become clear that the United States has once again reached a time for choosing and the events in Venezuela have thrown considerable light on what that choice is.

Venezuela is ruled by a Marxist dictatorship that is starving their people and is a dictatorship predicated on theft, murder and torture. The Marxist in Venezuela govern by terror and employ death squads to make visits in the middle of the night to those who disagree with them and oppose Marxism. Two Democrat Presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, as well as the new media darling of congress, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, have come out in support of the Marxist dictatorship in Venezuela.

Read the paragraph above slowly and let it sink it. Now read it again.

Sanders, Harris and Ocasio-Cortez support a Marxist dictatorship that rules via terror and starves their own people.

Allow me to connect some dots for you: Sanders, Harris and Ocasio-Cortez all claim that what they really want are European style welfare-states, yet while they point to European style welfare-states as their examples they day-in-and-day-out espouse Marxism. Sanders, Harris and Ocasio-Cortez all claim that they are simply defending democracy in Venezuela yet the European welfare-states that they claim they wish to emulate all vehemently disagree with the position that Sanders, Harris and Ocasio-Cortez have taken and claim that the Marxist dictatorship in Venezuela has actually usurped democracy and that the Marxist in Venezuela are the illegitimate rulers of the country. Canada, the United States and many other countries also have taken the position that the Marxist dictators of Venezuela are nothing more than communist thugs that have destroyed democracy.

Let me sum it up: Sanders, Harris and Ocasio-Cortez claim to desire European style welfare-states while standing in opposition to these same European welfare-states. Sanders, Harris and Ocasio-Cortez claim they do not want communism while standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a communist dictatorship that is starving its’ own people and only remains in power via terror and death squads.

If this is not the clearest possible choice I do not know what is?

This is not new. Bernie Sanders stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Sandinista in Nicaragua during the genocide of the Miskito Indians in the 1980’s. Democratic Socialism apparently means never having to say you are sorry for genocide.

Other than Sanders, Harris and Ocasio-Cortez, who has lined up in support of the Marxist in Venezuela? Putin and Russia, Xi and China, Castro and Cuba, Ortega and Nicaragua. Those are the people who Sanders, Harris and Ocasio-Cortez are now standing shoulder-to-shoulder with in direct opposition to the European welfare-states, Canada and the United States and all of the other Central and South American countries. Quite a group to be politically aligned with and opposed to.

There has rarely been a more robust moral delineation in American political history.

Are you in favor of death squads? Starvation? Theft? So are Sanders, Harris and Ocasio-Cortez based on the positions they have adopted vis-à-vis Venezuela.

Choose wisely.

If you would care to explore what the policies of Sanders, Harris and Ocasio-Cortez would look like when applied to the United States, “Our Dogs Did Not Bark A Politically Incorrect Dystopian Novel” is available here.