By Keith Nobles


Equilibrium – A state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.
I am a great believer in the value of equilibrium and equilibrium can only be attained voluntarily.
In a very real way, the United States was premised upon equilibrium. Equilibrium can only be attained though freedom, and the history of the world – from monarchism to socialism – has been the attempt to distort equilibrium in pursuit of power and wealth.
Distorting equilibrium always ends in poverty, misery and death. Equilibrium has most often been distorted via force or trickery.
The interesting thing is, equilibrium is never static. It is a dynamic equation. For example, you may be willing to pay a dollar for an apple today but tomorrow you might prefer an orange – and if enough people tomorrow prefer an orange over an apple the apple may no longer be worth a dollar. Simple example but what equilibrium is.
Examples of using force to distort equilibrium are laws, taxes and regulations. Now, not all laws distort equilibrium. Laws that defend your ability to voluntarily purchase an apple or an orange protect equilibrium. Laws that prevent or force you to buy an apple or an orange, or set a minimum or maximum price for an apple or an orange, or tax that apple or orange or produce regulations that give the apple seller an advantage over the fellow selling oranges distort equilibrium.
Equilibrium is always distorted by force or trickery for the advantage of the few in their pursuit of wealth and power.
Trickery is when you convince people that using force to distort equilibrium for the advantage of the few is in the best interest of the many. This is the essence of socialism for example.
History is replete with endless examples of those who would use force and trickery to distort equilibrium for the advantage of one group or another.
It never produces happiness and contentment. Ever.
It does produce misery, death and poverty – always.
Choose wisely…