By Keith Nobles


I often see memes and social media posts along the lines of “We should regulate guns like cars – require a license, a permit etc”

Let us flip that around and regulate cars like guns (they do kill more people than guns after all):

When you go to buy a car you have to pass a background check. If you have ever been mentally ill, dishonorably discharged, committed a crime, smoke marijuana or are an illegal alien then it is a felony for you to even attempt to buy a car.

Your background check can be denied by a bureaucrat for any reason he wishes, and you will never see or talk to that bureaucrat.

Once you buy the car you may have to wait ten days to take possession of it. There may be a law on how frequently you may buy a car.

That is just to buy the car; once you have purchased it you must leave it locked up and secured in your garage. To do otherwise would be a felony.

In order to drive your car you need the permission of your local law enforcement and you may be required to show why you have a dire need to drive your own car rather than take the bus. The default answer 90% of the time is that as a good citizen you are required to take the bus. You must prevent any child from ever touching your car. In order to move the car from your garage you may need to notify your local law enforcement beforehand and receive their permission to do so – even if it is just to get your car repaired. Operating your car in violation of these laws is a felony.

Each city, county and state as well as the Federal government will have different laws on how many cylinders your car may have, how many passengers it may carry, the size of your tires and the diameter of the steering wheel. To drive across even the tiniest corner of one of these jurisdictions in your non-compliant car is a felony. The authorities relish your conviction of these crimes.

Your drivers license is only valid in the state you live in, you may not drive or take your car across state lines.

Anyone who drives willing to sign up for these rules?

I did not think so.
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