By Keith Nobles



Socialism is poison to the soul.

The concept of socialism mixed with theories such as Intersectionality ever attaining the power of execution would be among the most lethal poisons ever forced upon humans.

Socialism is predicated upon the ability to suspend disbelief. Aside from the famous observation of Hayek – “If socialists understood economics they wouldn’t be socialists.” – the socialist have to suspend disbelief when proclaiming that greed and corruption and so forth are a product of capitalism and not a product of human nature.

In a very real way this is the crux of socialism. Socialism has consistently produced the most inhumane results in history due to socialists being required to deny human nature in order to profess a belief in the socialist system.

We have the current crop of 21st century American socialist, who like to drop the word ‘democratic’ in front of ‘socialist’ when they describe themselves, that vehemently and usually sincerely claim that they do not want to replay the Soviet Union. However just a few years ago they were proclaiming that the model to follow was Venezuela. Of course that was before the people of Venezuela were eating their pets in order not to starve. Prior to that the current crop of ‘democratic socialist’ were touting Nicaragua as the example of what they desired. It did not bother the ‘democratic socialist’ to walk shoulder-to-shoulder and arm-in-arm with the Sandinistas of Nicaragua while they were committing genocide against the Miskito Indians. Prior to that the ‘democratic socialist’ example was Cuba – an apartheid society where homosexuality is a capital crime and attempting to go to church will result in your confinement in a concentration camp. The same Cuba that sells its’ citizens abroad as slave labor in order that the leadership can continue to party with attractive young ladies on yachts. That place.

Of course this takes us right back to the socialist requirement to suspend disbelief.

The truth is that socialism always comes with a body count. Always.

Socialism always come with a body count because it attributes greed and selfishness and corruption and evil to capitalism and not to human nature.

This is not the only place the modern American 21st century ‘democratic socialist’ must suspend disbelief. The modern socialist passionately argue that they are not Marxist – while spouting Marxist doctrine left and right. This is without doubt a significant signpost on the road to peak absurdity. They proclaim that they do not want Cuba or the USSR – they want Denmark or Norway. Yet they simultaneously argue Marxist doctrine rather than arguing in favor of Scandinavian-style monarchies with welfare states attached. Here is a clue: previous to acquiring power Lenin did not promise gulags, he promised Marxism. Ho Chi Minh did not promise that when he attained power that he would execute the oldest person in each hamlet, he promised Marxism. Castro did not promise to throw people into concentration camps for attending church, he promised Marxism.

The current crop of ‘democratic socialist’ are promising Marxism even if they are not intellectually acute enough to realize it.

Fool me once, shame on you but fool me twice, shame on me…

Let us clear up this endlessly repeated intentional misrepresentation that socialists rely on to sell the idea of socialism to the naive: Socialism is not sharing, socialism is force. Sharing is sharing and requires no government action or intervention what so ever. Socialism is taking by force.

Socialism promises a measure of material equality and socialism promises this material equality will be achieved via force. This is what socialism is. That socialists at heart believe that the force will be administered fairly is due to the socialist attributing that greed and corruption and so forth is because of capitalism and not human nature. Once you grasp that socialist believe that capitalism produces evil and humans do not intrinsically produce evil aside from capitalism you can understand why socialists enabling the few to use force to make things ‘fair’ always results in a body count.

Socialist systems require the suspension of disbelief in order to function. It becomes extraordinarily difficult to maintain this suspension of disbelief when the only means at hand to feed your children is to slaughter the cat. It becomes extraordinarily difficult to maintain this suspension of disbelief when a knock at the door is the same as a trip to the gulag. It becomes extraordinarily difficult to maintain this suspension of disbelief when attempting to go to church results in a concentration camp. It becomes extraordinarily difficult to maintain this suspension of disbelief when the socialist government is intent on genocide because you are unwilling to forsake your cultural beliefs in favor of those mandated by the government. It becomes extraordinarily difficult to maintain this suspension of disbelief when it is required to trade sex for medical care or any other provision the government controls. You can read ‘Our Dogs Did Not Bark’ to get a get view of life in this system.

Because it will become ever more difficult to maintain this suspension of disbelief in the face of reality is why socialist governments must resort to ever more force and violence – the only other option on the table is to confess the failure of socialism. Truth. How it works – every single time. Why there is a body count – every single time.

To get to the heart of why socialism is poison you must understand the nature of the socialists promise of a measure of material equality. Improving your life in a meaningful way cannot be allowed – it voids the promise of a measure of material equality. Of course, the leaders in a socialist system are themselves exempt from this dictate – they will live like kings. They always do. If the path to improving your life through any legitimate means is blocked, as it is in socialist systems, then the means that people will resort to is force. This is why socialism is poison – it produces an entire society predicated on force. Top to bottom.

Socialism legitimizes the use of force. Socialism must morally legitimize force in order to itself maintain any claim to legitimacy.

Grasp that simple fact.

Capitalism is predicated on providing goods and services that others find valuable. It is predicated on helping and pleasing others. Capitalism is predicated on voluntarily choosing what goods and services you will or will not purchase and at what price, Socialism is predicated on force. The only choice you may make in a socialist system are the choices that others allow you.

That both systems will inevitably be subject to the human weakness demonstrated by greed, selfishness and even evil is only debatable if you choose to suspend disbelief.

Spit out the poison of socialism.