The Joker:
8/19/18, Midnight, Hardess Restaurant. The glowing red eyes of the Night Stalker observes a suspicious white tractor trailer in the parking lot. The driver, Mr. David T. Roark of Middlesboro responds cordially to questions and gives consent to search the vehicle and his person. 2 bags of meth were found in his sock. Mr. Roark received a lovely ride down to Pineville’s most popular hotel where he stayed about 18 hours, paid his 1k “cash” bond and left like a gentleman. We have no knowledge of Mr. Roark stopping at the liquor store on his way out of Pineville or what the police did with that nice Freight-liner he was driving. Officers J. Quillen and James Taulbee of the Bell County Sheriff’s Department assisted The Night Stalker (Nicki Capps) in the arrest.

On 8/18/18 At 8:18 pm. (bad luck numbers), The Law Man (Michael Smith) stopped to question a suspicious male walking down Exeter Avenue. The Law Man asked for I.D. The suspect stated that it is in his back pack. When the suspect goes for the back pack he puts his hands in his pockets. The Law Man orders the hands out of the pockets. The suspect complies but comes out with a syringe and suboxone and throws it under the police cruiser. Needless to say the suspect, Mr. Johnny Wayne Hubbard listed as “homeless” was arrested and taken to River City where he was given a room at the Bell County Jail. Mr. Hubbard also had a bench warrant on him for FTA. While enjoying the accommodations Mr. Hubbard also picked up another charge of “assault”. Perhaps someone was playing their music too loud. Mr. Hubbard was released on the 21st around 7 P.M.

8/20/18 5 p.m. The Law Man gets a call about an “unwanted guest” over on Ironwood Road. Upon arrival Mr. James Gullett is found in the roadway acting “very nervous”. Mr. Gullett gave the Law Man consent to search and in his lunch box was found a full syring with blood and meth in it. Mr. Gullett admitted to using meth. Off to Pineville they went. Mr. Gullett has a nice room with free food under a 1500.00 “cash” bond. Officer Nicki Capps assisted the Law Man in the arrest. Now what is the Night Stalker doing out in the daylight?
Time for some beauty among all these beasts.

Same night 8/20/18 somewhere near 8 P.M. a call comes in that someone is “shooting up” outside of a residence. The Law Man (M. Smith), Officer N. Capps (The Night Stalker) and Sgt. Floyd Patterson (Motown) get over to Chester Avenue as fast as a Middlesboro Mayoral Candidate can promise you a grant. The boys find Ms. Angela K. Lawson, claiming that she had nothing illegal in her purse. After the search of course, a loaded syringe with meth was found. The Law Man made the arrest. Officer Capps and Sgt. “Motown” Patterson made sure the lady received a decent escort down to Paradise City where she now is enjoying her suite at the Bell County Detention Center under a 4k “Cash” bond. Attractive Lady, real bad habits.

Another couple of days in the boro. Meth, Meth, Meth and more meth, add in a few needles also. More homeless arrested too. Can you imagine someone just randomly picking your yard to “shoot up” in? Folks, shit is getting real in the crater. The boys in blue are trapped in a war where they are outnumbered, out gunned, and certainly out spent. Did you notice the 32 sealed indictments of meth dealers in Claiborne County recently?

From the Cop’s perspective. It’s hard enough to get them in jail when either a lawyer or a judge lets them back out to give you hell again. It’s even harder when a jailer lets them escape and run off to Florida where you may never get them back knowing they would put a bullet in you if they could. Any old grunt has heard the term, “Its mighty sporty out here”. Well that is just what it is right now in the Crater…”Mighty Sporty”.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!!…God’s Speed To All Of You.