Well lets begin our story at Belk’s in the Middlesboro Mall where Ms. Gail Lynn Creech decided to do some shopping with an out of date Belk’s bag. Apparently she went into the dressing room with the bag and then proceeded to the home department. What she didn’t know at the time was that a loss prevention employee of the store, a Mister Carter was observing her actions. So while in the home department she grabbed a king size blanket and left the store without paying. Imagine that. Anyhow Mr. Carter confronted her and she was not appreciative of his efforts and tried to continue on her way. Mr. Carter then grabbed her by the arm where they struggled and both ended up on the ground. She took a bite out of Mr. Carter’s wrist in the process (no watch damage). At about the same time Harvey Johnson of the Middlesboro Police Department arrived. We can only speculate as to Officer Johnson’s thoughts at this point, but it being 5:43 in the afternoon, it seems his supper may have been interrupted or delayed. Anyhow, no bites were placed on Officer Johnson and Ms. Creech was arrested and escorted to The Bell County Detention Center, charged with robbery, disorderly conduct and placed under a 250 dollar cash bond. Being from Corbin I am sure that Ms. Creech will no doubt realize that shopping (shop lifting) is not always a pleasure in Middlesboro. We have no further information as to whether Officer Johnson ever got supper or if Mr. Carter has taken up martial arts lessons.

In our second event Officer Micheal Bradley arrested Mr. Anthony Soule, a fugitive out of Indiana for a probation violation of “neglect of child” and “non-support”. Mr. Soule is six foot 2 inches tall and weights 302 pounds. It appears that Officer Bradley made the arrest on his own. For those of you that think being a law enforcement officer is easy…just read that last three sentences again shorty. Mr. Soule is under the accommodations of The Bell County Detention Center with a 10k Cash Bond. All I can say is that the food better be good till he’s extradited.

And the hits just keep coming. A South Carolina man decided to drive through Middlesboro weaving back and forth. Sgt. Cowan was behind him (as always) and made a traffic stop. Immediately he asked Mr. Todd Moody to take a roadside sobriety test. Mr. Moody explained that the vehicle had front end problems hence the weaving. Sgt. Cowan then told Mr. Moody that he suspected that the problems were in Mr. Moody’s front end and not the vehicle’s. Well, Mr. Moody wasn’t exactly walking well (staggering) and Sgt. Cowan gave him an F on sobriety. After a search of the car some drugs were found (hard to believe around here huh?) and Mr. Moody denied owning them but admitted to a slight partake of those substances. At this point I can see Sgt. Cowan roll his eyes. Sgt. Cowan proceeded to chauffeur Mr. Moody to the Bell County Detention Center where he was welcomed as an out of town guest with a 1000 dollar cash bond.

And Then there is more. Officer Cowan, through another traffic stop found Rodney Redmon in possession of a 22 pistol as well as a 9mm pistol. Both firearms were within reach and both were loaded with rounds chambered. Mr. Redmon also had more rounds on his person. Now why would he need all that firepower? Who knows, but anyway, he also was given a free ride to the Bell County Detention Center and charged with 2 counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Thank You Sgt. Cowan. Who knows what all that firepower was meant for?

If that ain’t enough, this week at Bella Gardens Apartments, Police are called about a shot fired. Officers Cowan, Vanover and Johnson (You know Harvey ain’t happy about this) respond. Apparently there was some B.S. over clothing and a Mr. Robert Taylor came out of apartment 509 brandishing a 12 gauge shotgun. After pointing it around he then shot the front tire of the vehicle of a Ms. Sable York. Taylor later claimed to police that he wanted them to “leave the property.” Generally one does not shoot the tires out if one wants them to leave…Just saying. Anyhow, Mr. Taylor gives up the shotgun to officers (I’m sure they were happy about that) and is accompanied to The Bell County Home for people who brandish shot guns in public …Also know as the Detention Center. Mr. Taylor was charged with 2 counts of “Wanton Endangerment” as well as given a 100k cash bond (ouch!). Mr. Taylor is only 19 years old, is six foot 2 ,weights 360 pounds and owns a 12 gauge shot gun. What the Middlesboro cops have to deal with “Ain’t no party..Ain’t no disco…Ain’t no fooling around”. There is no word yet from the shooting victim nor has it been identified. Some say that it was a 15 inch Goodyear but we can’t verify.

Finally, officer Jeremiah Johnson arrested a Mr. Jimmy McCullough for stealing over 59k in lotto tickets of some sort from the Gulf station there on Cumberland Avenue. I guess he was a scratchy sort of guy. Mr. McCullough also had a little meth on him when they searched his house but hey …no big deal. It took Jimmy from June 2017 to April 2018 to grab all those tickets. I know guys that could do it in two weeks. Jimmy was always polite to me when I came in the store. Good help is hard to find. He’s got a 5k cash bond on him now where he’s staying at the Detention Center. Detective Joe Holder assisted Officer Johnson in this arrest just in case Jimmy tried to run. Joe Holder is really fast, not as fast as a Middlesboro Mayoral Candidate to a Pancake supper, but really fast.

Another few days in the life of Middlesboro’s finest. For all of you that think its easy …well …its not. Like any superhero, Middlesboro’s boys in blue answer the call for help. They are under appreciated, under paid and under pressure to perform at all times. From looking at the above, I think you got your money’s worth out of them this week. Officer Vanover even had to run through brier bushes this week assisting a Bell County Sheriff’s Deputy (Robin Venable) chasing down a criminal. Do you like running through brier bushes? Go Team Middlesboro. Great Job this week.

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