Fake Guns, Meth, Warrants, Motown And A Lady….The Middlesboro Police Diaries

The Joker:

We’ll start out where we usually do (Here Comes Hollywood). On 6.16.18 at around 7 p.m. Sgt Cowan stops a big ole blue Lincoln with Tennessee tags in front of the Dollar Store across from Save-A-Lot (Free Advertising). Mr. Brandon Lee Carraway of Tazewell can’t produce any proof of insurance so Sgt. Cowan asks him to “step out” of the vehicle. Mr. Carraway, explains to Sgt. Cowan that he has a “fake gun” in his back pack in the back seat. Sgt. Cowan then searches the back pack and finds ….do I have to tell you? ….meth and some weed. At this point Mr. Carraway’s eyes became “abnormally large”, his speech was “tepid” while “sweating profusely”. Wait !!!!….I gotta stop this story right now.

Any of you that know Sgt. Cowan know that he’s so tall you need a Sattellite photo to see the top of his head. Can you imagine what the kid (26 years old) from out of town thought when he had to “step out” of the vehicle. One look could tell him that he couldn’t out run the Bear nor fight it off. You’d need a hundred gallon tank of gas in that old Lincoln to try and out run the cops. I think most folks would “sweat profusely” in that situation.

So Sgt. Cowan did what he gets paid for and had Mr. Carryway carried away to Pineville charged with no insurance, Possession of drug (unspecified) and Possession of Marijuana as well as operation a motor vehicle under the influence. According to the Detention Center Website they list Harvey Johnson as the arresting officer. I think it’s most likely that Sgt. Cowan had Harvey take Mr. Carryway to the jail. It was supper time. I hope Harvey didn’t miss supper. That ain’t right, That ain’t right.

This morning (6.18.18) Middlesboro Police Officers J. Johnson and Sgt. “Little” Floyd Patterson (the man who puts the Motown in Downtown) decided to get up early and visit a Mr. Derek Emery’s home at 213 Rodchester around 8 a.m. My guess is they went there to serve a warrant for FTA. on Mr. Homer Johnson of Kettle Island (not in the Pacific), but I can’t verify that. Anyhow, J. Johnson arrested Homer Johnson on 3 Bench Warrants and a kicker (possession of meth). While they were there, the officers also arrested a Mr. Michael Bailey of Kettle Island for Possession of meth (He was probably just hanging out), but the officers scored a bigger fish in Mr. Derek Emery: 4 counts of possession of a hand gun by a convicted felon, possession of meth, receiving stolen property (hand gun), drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled substance 3rd degree. Nice trifecta that early in the morning huh? So to end the drama, Sgt. Patterson (Motown) got tired of hearing the white boys play that funky music and hurriedly got them down to Pineville where they are now resting comfortably at the Detention Center. It was almost lunch time you know.

Lastly, on 5.16.18 at 8 a.m. in the morning (who gets up that early?) Officer M. Smith went to serve a parole violation warrant on a Ms. Nicole Holbrook. Unfortunately, Officer Smith also found that she possessed enough meth to be charged with “Trafficking” as well as a nice roll of cash believed to be gained from such trade. She also had 7 counterfeit 100 dollar bills and some pills. Officer Smith was assisted in the arrest by Officer J. Johnson (Antman) and Sgt “Little” Floyd Patterson (Motown). As you can see from the Lady’s mug shot she appreciated all the attention because “every girls crazy bout Chief Sharpe’s dressed men”. Ms. Holbrook is residing in the B.C. home for Parole violators at the time of this writing.

So there you have it folks. Another few days of our boys in blue doing their job taking bad guys off the street. They don’t have any BAT light to put on you know. Besides, Batman couldn’t hang with these guys. Batman don’t know Motown from Noetown.
Officers Cowan, J. Johnson, H. Johnson, Patterson and Smith as well as the rest of the force are diligent in protecting the citizens but they can’t do it alone. Call in your crime tips to 606-248-3636 and help out. Middlesboro is your city also….protect it.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!