The Joker:

11/5/18 at 10:38 in the morning. Someone from Walmart called the MPD so Officer Jeremiah Johnson (J.J.) and Sgt. Floyd Patterson (Motown) answered. J.J. got there first and immediately entered the building. Motown was right behind him but wanted to hear the rest of the Sam And Dave tune he was listening to first. J.J.’s brisk walk through the building let everyone know that something was up. You know how nosy folks at Walmart are. As J.J. was walking fast through the aisles in search of the target, Motown cool breezed through the glass doors. Now everyone knew something was up.

The women’s heads were turning in the check out lanes trying to get a glimpse of Motown while J.J. continued his aisle to aisle speed routine. This takes a minute you know. It is a Super Walmart and as quick as J.J. is, he ain’t Joe Holder. Motown finds the center spot between the two entrances just in case the target gets by J.J. and tries to make a run for it.

J.J. continues the search while a lady pulls her cart up in front of Motown and asks: “Is there something going on ?” Motown replied: “You don’t have to worry, cause I”m here.” Suddenly the radio bursts through saying: “He’s in the Hardware Department help me head him off”. Motown replied: “HOLD ON, I’M COMING, HOLD ON, I’M COMING !!!”

J.J. and Motown caught Mr. Manuel Farrell of Harrogate between them in the Paint Aisle and J.J. slapped the cuffs on him faster than a Democrat Tax Hike. Mr. Ferrell hadn’t had a chance to steal anything yet due to Walmart’s diligence in alerting the MPD to his presence. Mr. Ferrell did have time to bring his meth stash with him into the store. Always bring your drugs with you when shoplifting. You see, Mr. Ferrell was not supposed to be in the store because he’d been caught shoplifting previously. I guess some folks don’t listen.

Mr. Ferrell is currently staying at the Pineville Center for Harrogate guests charged with:

Possession of Controlled Substance 1st degree/1st offense (Methamphetamine).

Criminal Trespass 3rd Degree.

Mr. Farrell’s bond is listed as 1500.00 “Cash” on the Trespass charge and no bond on the Meth Charge.

Mr. Farrell was previously charged with Shoplifting X2, Possession of controlled substance (Drug Unspecified) and Possession of Marijuana.

11/3/18 2:50 A.M. The Night Stalker (Officer Nickie Capps) initiates a traffic stop on a 2007 Blue Subaru with Tennessee Tags in the West End Trailer Park for not giving a signal. I gotta stop right there for a minute.

As The Criminal Whisperer, I must once again remind you that the Boro is not safe for those that are dealing drugs, using drugs, or any other sort of criminal activity. The MPD are vigilant in being on the look out for anything suspicious. Did you think that your Tennessee Tags would not stand out at 3 in the morning? Oh yes, I’m sure you thought the police would think you were just on a social call. Remember, the Darkness belongs to the Night Stalker…stay out of town after dark.

Anyhow, the Driver, Mr. Benjamin Nichols of Harrogate is acting “extremely nervous” (I can’t blame him). He admits to The Stalker that he has some baggies, scales and a pipe. The pipe still has some meth in it. Mr. Nichols is escorted to the Pineville hotel for Tennessee meth users.

Mr. Nichols was charged with: Possession of controlled substance 1st degree/1st offense (Methamphetamine) and Failure to give a turn signal. His bond is listed as 1500.00 “Cash” on the Meth Charge and no bond on the turn signal thing. At 19 years old, I hope Mr. Nichols has learned to stay away from drugs and especially to stay away from the Boro with drugs.

Well, not a good day for Tennessee fans. Two got busted in the Boro. At least they got a “Big Orange” jumpsuit to wear.

Thank You J.J., Motown and The Night Stalker. Folks think that it’s just “2 guys from Harrogate” but it’s really part of the “Big Orange” crime wave that is washing through the tunnel into the crater. The Factory (suppliers) is in Tennessee, the market is in The Boro. The MPD is caught in the middle. God’s Speed to our boys in blue.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!

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