Officer Capps observes a vehicle with expired plates and makes a traffic stop. He then requests to search the individual, but the individual refuses and says that he will allow another officer to search him.

With the suspect being 6 foot 7 and 380 pounds, you have to admit that officer Capps is braver than most of us. Therefore, Officer Smith comes in and the suspect allows the search. Well what do you know?—he has meth on him. Did the suspect think that officer Capps couldn’t find the meth? Now to cap it off (pun intended), the suspect also had a weapon (Nice Barretta) and no drivers license. When you are a convicted felon, that is a real no-no. The suspect also admitted to using meth that morning. Oh well—off to Pineville we go with a 5k bond and naturally, this was also a probation violation. You have to tip your caps (pun intended) to the boys in blue on this one.

The hits just keep coming.

Also this weekend Officer Johnson had to deal with … guessed it ….shoplifting at Walmart, the biggest target around.

Apparently, this suspect can’t resist going back into a store where she is banned from. This time she allegedly was in the bathroom cutting open packages ($222.85 dollars worth) in order to leave the store with the goods. When confronted by officer Johnson, she was, “talkative with exaggerated movements”. This, of course, gave officer Johnson the need to look further into this case and what did he find?— give you one guess…Meth in a Hydrocodone prescription container. There are also “pending” shoplifting charges. Imagine that. Off to Pineville you go. Officer Johnson catches another one.

Yes, just another weekend for the Middlesboro Police dealing with highly intelligent and intellectual individuals. Let us be thankful that we have public servants that can deal with this sort of thing. Good Job Team Middlesboro Police.

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