The Joker:

11/1/18 right around noon. The first day of the month and as you know, Walmart is jumping. Everybody and his brother is out shopping. The aisles are full of children leaping for joy and asking their Mothers for treats. Today, being the first day after Halloween, one just can not get enough candy. The checkout lines are backed up into the aisles but nobody is in a hurry. It’s the monthly Celebration day in the Boro, time to be social and get that extra large bag of Lay’s Potato Chips you’ve wanted for three weeks, but as the fresh smell of baked goods waffles through the air…suddenly the mood changes.

It begins as a small rumbling sound that eventually grows into a loud scream. The women are shoving their children behind them. Everyone else is clearing the aisles. The Cart lady has abandoned her station. The greeters have taken cover. Even the televisions on the back wall have turned themselves off. Yes, the entire store knows that The Law Man Smith has thundered through the glass entrance doors and is walking briskly towards his target.

The Target may be the most prolific thief in the City. Every store detective in the area must know his face. Coming out to Walmart is either a stupid or a very gutsy move. Anyhow, you can bet your price check that when The Law Man has a warrant, it’s going to be served.

The Law Man apprehends Mr. Bradley Monroe Barnett without issue. Mr. Barnett is very accustomed to being arrested as it has occurred at least 23 times in Bell County by my count. The Law Man charged Mr. Barnett with: Knowingly and Fraudulently using and ID Card or Elec code for Benefits.

The Four Bench Warrants were for:
Possession of controlled substance 1st degree/1st offense Methamphetamine
Burglary 2nd Degree and Possession of Burglary Tools
Theft of motor Vehicle registration
Theft of Identity
Burglary 3rd Degree

If you ask me, someone must have tipped The Law Man off to the Alexander Mundy wannabe roaming the aisles of Walmart. I’ll bet I know who she was. Let’s just say that several of the women were blushing as The Law Man escorted Mr. Barnett out of the store. One woman even swooned.

Mr. Barnett is only 28 years old but he’s already on his way to joining the county’s elite crew of those that know the Detention Center better than the Jailer. His career began in November of 2007 and include but is not limited to:

Criminal Trespass X 2
Possession of a controlled substance X 1
Parole Violation X 1
Operation of a motor vehicle under the influence X 1
No operators licence X 1
No Insurance X 1
Contempt of Court X 1
Drug Paraphernalia buy-possess X 2
Non-Payment of fines X 1
Bench Warrant for other Agency X 1
Possession of Marijuana X 1
Theft of Motor Vehicle X 1
Burglary Bench Warrant X 2
Theft of Motor Vehicle Bench Warrant X 1
Possession of Burglary Tools X 1
Burglary 2nd Degree X 1
Shoplifting X 3
Burglary 3rd Degree X 4
Bench Warrants X 11
Persistent Felony Offender X 1

Mr. Barnett is currently staying at his Time Share down in Pineville under a 5K “Cash” bond on the Theft of motor vehicle warrant, a 5K “Cash” bond on the Theft of Identity of another, a 500 dollar “cash” bond on the No Licence charge, a 151 dollar “pay or stay” on the 3rd degree Burglary and Persistent Felony Offender Warrant, a 151 dollar “pay or stay” on the Shoplifting and Possession of controlled substance warrant, No bonds are listed on the other charges.

I wonder how long the system will hold Mr. Barnett this time before he gets another chance at stealing something from you. This guy would steal a hot stove and go back for the smoke. These are the types that our Boys in Blue have to deal with on a regular basis. Can you imagine what it would be like to use the best of your abilities to put a criminal away only to find them back on the street taunting you after a short stint in jail. Frustrating is just not the word.

Thank You Law Man Michael Smith

Go Team Middlesboro !!!