Please share regarding Friday bank robbery in Harrogate:
From Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Chris Cardwell: Investigators believe that this is the vehicle the man got away in Friday after he robbed Home Federal Bank in Harrogate. The robbery took place just after 4:30 when a man walked in with his head and neck covered and passed a note to the bank teller. Detectives believe the vehicle went south on Highway 25. If you know who the operator of this vehicle is or where it could be located, please contact Claiborne County Detective Chris Cardwell or call 911.


There has been a bank robbery this afternoon at Home Federal Bank in Harrogate. The Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with any information on the identity or whereabouts of the suspect pictured below to contact 911 or Detective Chris Cardwell. The suspect was last seen traveling on foot down Washington Ave in Harrogate, TN.