The Joker:

10/3/2019, about 1:30 A.M. at U.S. 25E and Tractor Supply Officer D. Torstrick (Too Strict) makes a traffic stop on a Red 2008 Dodge Avenger. Well, apparently the driver, a certain Ms. Lisa Green of Harlan County Kentucky just wasn’t up to being able to drive. Naturally, she wasn’t into any sort of road side dance routine. Harlan County isn’t exactly the “Dancing With The Stars” Capital. Ms. Green was waltzed down to the Pineville Open House for Harlan County Drunks and charged with:

Possession of controlled substance 1st degree/1st offense (Drug Unspecified).
Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of Alc/Drugs/ETC.
Possession of Marijuana
Rear Licence Not Illuminated.

Ms. Green was placed under a 1k “Cash” Bond. She was released about 15 hours later. Officer Harvey Johnson (Harvey) and K-9 Atlas (Bah Bah) assisted in the arrest. Once again let us ask Chief Busic why Harvey is out so late? Mamaw don’t like that you know.

Also on 10/3/2019 around 5:30 P.M. Walmart Theft Prevention called the MPD and Officer Michael (Mike) Orr. answered the call. No, I am not going to give Officer Orr any fancy nicknames for now. He’s retired once and come back to help out a depleted force. He’s been through enough without more bullshit from me. Give it time, I might change my mind. Anyhow, Mike arrests Mr. Michael Anthony Nader of Barbourville for shoplifting. Mr. Nader was “Concealing” and “Changing price tags on merchandise”. Mr. Nader also had a couple of warrants including a parole violation warrant. Well off to the Pineville Welcome Wagon for Knox County Thieves. Mr. Nader is still lodged in Pineville with a little over 1k bond looking at him. If he wasn’t from Knox County they’d have probably turned him loose by now.

Mr. Nader has a little history of coming down to Bell County. That history includes but is not limited to:

Driving On Suspended/Revoked Licence X1
Contempt of Court X1
Serving Bench Warrant Other Agency X1
Possession Controlled Substance 1st Degree X4
Public Intoxication X1
Bench Warrant X1

Well that was short and sweet. Officer “Too Strict” got a drunk off the streets before anyone got hurt and “Mike” took down an out of town shoplifter. Not that exciting but certainly a public service to protect the citizens of The Boro. Thank God we got these guys.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!

P.S. Also Thank you to Harvey and Bah Bah as well as The Dispatcher. You guys rock.