10/24/18 at 11:49 A.M. Parole Officers David Short and Kevin Napier make a trip out to the Bella Gardens Apartments in search of a violator. If there is one thing that Parole officers know it’s that they aren’t welcomed as some sort of family friend. It’s a dangerous job. Nobody wants to go back to jail. Therefore they called the MPD for some assistance and Sgt. Floyd (Motown) Patterson answered the call. Besides Parole officers, there ain’t a violator in the Boro that wants to see the Motown put in their Downtown.

So the threesome approach apartment 305 and asked about the suspect. The dweller said that the suspect was not on the premises. Motown called Detective Joe Holder who got out there faster than a Meth head could pawn your jewelry. Detective Holder asked for consent to search and it was given by Mr. Jerry R. Marcum (like he could say no). Detective Holder, Motown, Officers Short and Napier flooded into the place like a 1st of the Month Dollar Store Crowd.

The Foursome found that Mr. Marcum had a bag with 17.8 gram of meth, another with 6.5 gram of meth, still another with 4.5 gram of meth as well as 2460.00 in cash in “small denominations” Joe Holder’s eyes were rolling like a slot machine… Jackpot !!! Motown Patterson was singing “ABC, It’s easy as one, two three”. The two Parole Boys were just glad to be along for the ride with the MPD.

Oh we aren’t finished yet, Holder and Company also found a bunch of empty baggies, 2 sets of scales, “a bundle of cash on Marcum’s person of 217.00” (Joe, that ain’t what I’d call “a bundle”) and 9 counterfeit one hundred dollar bills.

I guess I don’t have to tell you that the boys took Mr. Marcum to the Bell County group home for Meth Dealers. Mr. Marcum is currently enjoying his stay under a 5K “Cash” Bond on a Trafficking Meth Charge as well as 9 counts of “possession of a forged instrument” with no bond.

Joe Holder booked Mr. Marcum into the Detention Center right at 2 P.M. Floyd had already went for lunch. The Parole boys got to see how the Swarm handle things. One more killer of Children off the streets.

Great Job Motown, and Joe Holder as well as the Parole Boys that never got their man/woman.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!

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