The Joker:

5/13/19 around noon. Parole and Probation Officer Mr. Zachery Goins is doing a home visit with Mr. James Anthony/Anthony James Lumpkin of Middlesboro. Officer Goins is familiar with who he is dealing with and requests back up from The Middlesboro Police Department. Sgt. Barry Cowan (Big Bear) answers the call.

When Mr. Lumpkin saw his probation/parole officer come in backed up by The Big Bear he attempted to empty is pockets of some pills and weed. Well, Mr. Lumpkin was of course arrested and charged with:

Tampering with physical evidence. 2500.00 “Cash” Bond
Possession of controlled substance 1st Degree (Drug Unspecified). No Bond.
Possession of Marijuana. No Bond
Trafficking in Controlled Substance, 2nd Degree OR> (OR>=10 D.U. Date Rape Drug). No Bond.
Probation Violation (For Technical Violation).

Mr. Lumpkin was taken down to the Bell County Home For Repeat Offenders where he currently resides.

I’ve done two previous stories on Mr. Lumpkin’s exploits. They are listed below.

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As you can see Mr. Goins made a great decision to bring along Big Bear Cowan. With The Big Bear there is no escape. The citizens of Middlesboro are very lucky to have such a dedicated servant as Sgt. Cowan. With the country as well as The City of Middlesboro sorely in need of qualified Police Officers, once again, perhaps “blessed” instead of “lucky” is the right term. All the city’s officers risk their lives daily to protect and serve the citizens of the Boro. It is a very dangerous world out there at present. May God’s Speed be with them all.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!