The Joker:

5/31/19, just after 11 in the morning. Sgt. Barry Cowan (The Big Bear) is on patrol. As all of you that follow these writings, as well as you that live in the Boro know, that Sgt. Cowan is one of the city’s most dedicated Police Officers. Sgt. Cowan takes the protection of the citizens of Middlesboro personally. It’s his town, and he cares about it. He will defend it at all costs.

Sgt Cowan pulls over a 2001 Nissan into the Circle K (Marathon) parking lot on Cumberland Avenue. The driver, Mr. Justin Davis of Middlesboro, has “extremely dilated pupils” and “speech that was rapid”. Making a long story short, Mr. Davis was on meth and definitely a danger to the public. The Big Bear took him down. The Big Bear may have saved a life that day.

36 year old Mr. Justin Davis was taken down to the Pineville Care Facility for those driving on Meth that have run into the Big Bear and Charged with:

Possession of Controlled Substance 1st Degree/1st Offense (Methamphetamine)
Operation of a Motor Vehicle Under The Influence of Drugs/Alcohol/Etc.
No Insurance
Improper Registration

Mr. Davis is currently hanging out at the Bell County Jail with no bonds listed. Of course, he has a previous record which includes but is not limited to:
Bench Warrants X9
Assault X2
Fugitive X1
Shoplifting X1
Criminal Possession of Forged Instrument X4
Burglary X1
Possession of Burglary Tools X1
Serving Warrant For Other Agency X1
Parole Violation X3
Falsely Reporting An Incident X1

You see, Mr. Davis there, high on meth at 11 in the morning, could have just ran head on into your daughter on her way to her job at the local Dairy Queen and ended her young life had Sgt. Cowan, (The Big Bear) not stopped him. Yeah, Yeah, I know all that is hypothetical but, as you know it happens all the time around these parts. If not for law enforcement that is paying attention, like Sgt. Cowan, these low life meth heads and their scum bag dealers would kill even more on the roads. Yes, I know God protects us, but it’s also good to know that The Big Bear is also protecting us. I’ll say it for him: “Not on my watch”.

Thank you Big Bear.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!