The Joker:

9/5/2019, just after 9 P.M.

Officer Christopher Barnes (The Big C.) observes a man walking in and out of traffic on 25 E. The Big C. orders him to stop but he don’t and keeps running across the highway and then back the other way. Besides the danger to himself and the public, I can just feel the Big C.’s blood pressure going up. Eventually the man dashes into the International Homes sales lot (I guess he saw the low down payment sign) trying to get away. The Big C. gives chase and a race ensues. The Runner is 32 years old, 5 foot 9 inches, a 160 pounds and loaded with enough Meth to make him think he’s a corvette. The Big C. may have just finished a honey bun for all we know.

Anyhow, the runner, Mr. Thomas Dillman of Middlesboro slings off his back pack in order to lighten the load hes running with. In and out through the sales and repossessions they go until finally, huffing and puffing, The Big C. makes the tackle before Dillman can score. The handcuffs were on faster than a pawn shop can help a pill head. Mr. Dillman is “talking out of his head” and continues to deny there is anything harmful in the discarded backpack. You know the story…needles, meth, baggies, scales, etc.

Naturally, Mr. Dillman is as high as a Middlesboro water bill and claiming that he’s going to kill Officer Barnes when he gets out of jail. Threatening an officer who has you in handcuffs is never a good idea. I remember once in Georgia during a gambling bust when I said to a State trooper…oh…wait…ah…never mind.

Mr. Dillman was driven down to the Pineville Center for Mobile Home Shoppers On Meth and charged with:

Public Intoxication (Excludes Alcohol)
Drug Paraphernalia
Disorderly Conduct 1st Degree
Bench Warrant (Of Course)
Possession of Controlled Substance
Wanton Endangerment-First Degree-Police Officer
Fleeing or Evading Police, 2nd Degree, On Foot.
Terroristic Threatening

Mr. Dillman was held under a 1K “Cash” bond on the Terroristic Threatening Charge with no bonds listed on the other charges. He was released on 9/11/19 at 4 P.M.

Well there ya have it. Just another day in the life of an MPD officer. Nothing like chasing and wrestling down Meth heads through traffic and trailer parks while having to handle their dirty needles and being threatened. Now who wouldn’t want that ? I’m surprised there isn’t a line of guys waiting for that kind of action.

Of course, I had to fish through the Bell County Detention Center Website to find things since the recent black out, but I got it. I would like to thank the women of the Bell County Crime Exposed Website for keeping the pressure on the local authorities to get their shit straight. The Jail’s website is vital to folks in the county. It keeps law enforcement, the media, the businesses, and the everyday citizens aware of whose out there running with the devil. Those that don’t like it are part of the Bell County Manson family. You know the one’s that don’t want anyone to know how bad some of these criminals are.

Thank You Big C.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!