The Joker:

8/1/2019 about 10:30 P.M. Officer Christopher Barnes (The Big C.) arrested Mr. Christopher Michael Brown on 2 bench warrants. Mr. Brown also had a bit of Meth on him. The Big C. took Mr. Brown down to the Pineville Pass Through and charged him with:

Possession of Controled Substance 1st Degree 1st Offense (Methamphetamine)
FTA Bench Warrant For Court
Bench Warrant For Court

Mr. Brown was given 2K in “Cash” Bonds and 151.00 “Pay or Stay” bond. Mr. Brown was released on August 14th.

Mr. Brown has a previous history of charges in Bell County dating back to 1995. The charges include but are not limited to:

Receiving Stolen Property X2
Contempt of Court X12
Public Intoxication X5
Assault X3
Shoplifting X4
Possession of Marijuana X1
Bench Warrants X6
Menacing X1
Possession of Controlled Substance 2nd Degree X1
Possession of Controlled Substance X1
Trafficking in Controlled Substance (Drug Unspecified) X2
Burglary 2nd Degree X1
Terroristic Threatening X4
Criminal Trespass 1st Degree X1
Criminal Trespass 2nd Degree X1
Robbery 1st Degree X1
Fugitive Warrant X2
Aggravated Assault-Spouse Abuse X1
Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon X1
Theft (Cold Checks) X1
Violation of Emergency Protective Order X1
Burglary 2nd Degree -Forced Entry-Residence X2
Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree X2
Disorderly Conduct X1
Theft X1
Parole Violation X1
Tampering With Physical Evidence X2
Possession of Methamphetamine X1

Great Job by The Big C. here bringing in a tough one. If you didn’t know, Mr. Brown is 6 foot 4 inches and 220 pounds. Let’s see you try bringing him in sometime.

8/1/2019 just before Midnight, The Big C. is returning from Pineville when he gets a call about a shoplifter out at Walmart. When The Big C. Got there The Big Quillie (Officer Joel Quillen) was already on the scene and had radioed in that the perp probably had escaped. Well, when The Big C. got out of his car he heard something coming from the canal ditch area and went to investigate. He found Mr. James Jones of Middlesboro “Sitting in the weeds”. Mr. Jones had some meth on him. Oh well, back to Pineville.

Mr. Jones was charged with possession of Methamphetamine and given a 1500.00 “Cash” bond. He was released on August 12th.

8/2/2019 at about 10 P.M. The Big C. has a road block set up out on the Beltline at the old “Granny’s Grocery/Jenkins Store/Joe Archer’s Store”. A car approaches and when they see The Big C. turns and runs back towards Binghamtown. Well the Big C. catches them at the 4 way stop and pulls them over. The Passenger, Mr. Rodney Walker of Harrogate Tn. is shaking like a pan of stove top popcorn. 18 hydrocodone pills, some Xanax and a couple needles is taken off Mr. Walker. He also had 3 bench warrants. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Pineville Big Orange Welcome Center they go.

Mr. Walker is currently chilling down at the Pineville Home for those from Tennessee that won’t listen charged with:

Trafficking in controlled substance 1st degree, 1st offense (Drug Unspecified)
Possession of controlled substance 3rd Degree (Drug Unspecified)
Drug Paraphernalia Buy/Possess
Bench Warrant X3

Mr. Walker is staying under about 3500.00 in “Cash” bonds.

8/3/2019 just after 5 P.M. The Big C. is parked out on the Beltline when he sees a 2004 Maroon P.T. Cruiser go by at a “high rate of speed”. The Big C. Caught up and make a traffic stop. He already knew that the vehicle had no insurance on it. The Driver, a certain Mr. Thomas Ward of Middlesboro was shaking like the groom at a shot gun wedding. Mr. Ward tried to be cool and told The Big C. that there was nothing illegal in the vehicle and he was more than welcome to search. As Mr. Ward exited the vehicle he threw something away. As you know, it turns out that Mr. Ward had attempted to dispose of 2 Oxycodone pills.

Mr. Ward was taken down to Pineville and given a 2500.00 Dollar “surety” Bond. He was released the next day.

Thank You Big C. for your service.

Now if anyone else would like to try bringing in criminals on a daily basis the department is always taking applications. Otherwise, have some respect and appreciation for the Boys In Blue that protect you.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!