The Joker:

11/1/18 right around 4:30 in the afternoon at the East End Pawn Shop (Free Advertising) Officer Chris Barnes (Big C.) arrested Ms. Stephanie A. Wilson of Middlesboro on a complaint Warrant For Burglary. Ms. Wilson was escorted to the Bell County Detention Center and placed under a 500 dollar “Cash” Bond. She was released on 11/3/18 at 4:16 P.M. Ms. Wilson also has an alias of Stephanie Earle (One does need a good alias in the crime business.).

11/1/18 8:40 P.M. Over on long Wood Road. Big C. Serves a couple of warrants (FTA) on a certain Mr. Charles Taylor of Path Fork Ky.. Mr. Taylor is given a cost free ride down to Pineville where he was housed in the Bell County Center for those with Warrants. Mr. Taylor’s bonds were set at Zero on one warrant and 500 dollars “cash” on the other. Mr. Taylor was released on 11/3/18 at 4:16 P.M.

11/1/18 just after 11 P.M. Big C., Bust Em and The Night Stalker have a road block set up at the 4 way stop in BinghamTown. Big. C. has already been serving warrants for hours and now they got him at a road block. So anyhow, Mr. George J. Cumming the 3d of La Grange Kentucky glides into the road block. There’s a rumor going round, bout that Kentucky Town, and that Shack outside La Grange (They gotta a lotta Nice Girls). Mr. Cumming’s eyes are glassy and red (Not Like The Night Stalker’s) and he appears to be under the influence. Big C. gets him out of the car for the road side sobriety talent contest (Haw, Haw, Haw). Mr. Cumming fell over twice during the dance routine so Big C. failed him. He even admitted to taking some Xanax. I hear he’s fine, and he got some time, and he had that Meth to get him in.”

After the Search Mr. Cummings had in his possession, 2 small bags of meth, 2 large bags of meth and some scales. Therefore Mr. Cummings was transported (Big C.’s third trip tonight) down to the Pineville Home for out of town Meth dealers where I hear its tight, most every night, But, I might be mistaken. Mr. Cummings was charged with: Trafficking in controlled substance 1st degree/1st offense (Methamphetamine), Drug Paraphernalia buy-possess and Operating a motor vehicle under the influence. His bond is listed at 2500.00 “Cash” on the Trafficking charge and zero on the others (Haw Haw Haw).

So when it’s all said and done, Big C. bags three for the day. Not bad for the newbie huh? I bet J.J. is starting to take notice. How do you like that bowl of Chili Harvey?

Thank You Big C., The Night Stalker And Bust Em Burchett. The Boro needs you more than ever. Hang in there, you have more fans than you know.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!

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