The Joker:

1/10/19 just before Midnight. Dispatch received a call where a woman was screaming for help. The Night Stalker answered the call. When he arrived he could hear a man yelling and cussing with a woman crying inside. This is a domestic violence call. The worse case scenario for a Police Officer. This is the most dangerous call that a Police officer can handle in his/her career. We all know The Night Stalker, He’s the best answer to this situation.

The Stalker rapped on the entrance and a Man “willingly opened the door”. The woman was “laying in the floor crying with blood coming from her head”. You can bet at this point that The Stalker’s Eyes glowed doubled Red. The woman said that the man: “threw her in the floor and starting kicking her in the head and punching her”. She had several pump knots on her head and a cut behind her ear.

Well, Mr. Kenneth “Bo” Nash who was banned from the building was taken down to his home away from home in Pineville charged with:

Criminal Trespass, No Bond
Assault 4th Degree, No Bond
Bench Warrant, FTA, 12/13/18 1K “Cash” Bond
Bench Warrant, FTA, 12/13/18 500 Dollar “Cash” Bond
Bench Warrant, FTA, 10/11/18, 500 Dollar “Cash” Bond
Bench Warrant, FTA, 10/11/18, 500 Dollar “Cash” Bond
Bench Warrant, FTA, 8/28//18, 500 Dollar “Cash” Bond
Bench Warrant For Court Indictment, No Bond
Bench Warrant, FTA, 9/27/18, 250 Dollar “Cash” Bond
Bench Warrant, FTA, 9/27/18, 250 Dollar “Cash” Bond

Of Course this is not Mr. Nash’s first time staying at Pineville’s finest hotel:

Bench Warrants X14
Possession of Handgun by convicted Felon X1
Disorderly Conduct X3
Alcohol Intoxication In Public Place X2
Criminal Mischief X1
Expired Licence X2
Contempt of Court X1
Resisting Arrest X1
Violation of Protective Order X1
Trafficking in Cocaine X4
Assault 4th Degree X3

The charges go back to 1995

I wonder how long it will be before those that those that don’t give a shit about the safety of the public down in Pineville let Mr. Nash out so he can beat the shit out of another woman. Week after week we see these cases. Repeat offenders after repeat offenders let out to wreck havoc on the public by those that are supposed to uphold “Justice” in Bell County. Over and Over the MPD have to go and arrest the same dangerous individuals on the same crimes.

The Great Author Keith Nobles once said: “Sometimes Societies Collectively Go Insane”. His recent novel “Our Dogs Did Not Bark” A Politically Incorrect Dystopian Tale, discusses a futuristic time when political moralism, instead of reason, rules the day. For those of you that this is too much for, look at it this way…Bell County has become a situation where Drugs and Criminals are considered the norm and law and order is looked down on. Raising your children to go to college used to be the way. Now it is raising your children to draw a check. Finding a job and making a living is considered futile while becoming a drug dealer is looked up to. Sound familiar? How many times lately have you heard that the Drug (poison) Dealer is “a nice guy”. What the hell is wrong with people?

The Nation has seen 3 Police Officers gunned down this week. Maybe Noble’s is right. Why does the Boro (Gotham) have the Joker crying out for it’s people. Where the Hell is Batman?

Thank You Night Stalker for keeping Mr. Nash from harming anyone for awhile.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!

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“The following article is based on open and public records from the Middlesboro Police Department as well as The Bell County Detention Center Website and is written in the style of satire as an opinion piece not associated or based on the opinions of The Polygraph News, Incorporated—it’s founders, owners or staff.”