The Joker:

5/17/19 right at 4 P.M. in the afternoon out at the Middlesboro Crossing Shopping Center (Someone tell me where that is please.). Officer Michael Bradley backed up by Offer H. Johnson (“Harvey”, also known as “Our Beloved Harvey” and “Mamaw’s Favorite”), somehow with reasons, unbeknownst to this writer, came in contact with Mr. Clayton Dewayne Napier of Evarts Kentucky. My guess here is that once Mr. Napier saw Bruce Lee and Harvey within short distance he decided that he wasn’t Boyd Crowder and just gave up. Mr. Napier had enough drugs on him to keep South Side high for a weekend. Ok, Ok, that was an exaggeration, but he had enough pills on him to open a road side pharmacy on 119. Among the drugs were Oxys and Suboxone and meth and a whole bunch of other stuff that I can’t spell. Anyhow, Mr. Napier got a special room at the Pineville Hotel for Drug Dealers charged with 8 counts of “Trafficking” in all kinds of shit. Mr. Napier is still chilling with the boys in Pineville with no bond amounts listed.

So the boys got the bad one booked into Ferguson Arms and made it back to the boro in time for supper. They stopped at Wendy’s where Harvey had his usual, a Double with Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Onions, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo with a side of Biggie Fries, a Diet Coke, and Small Frosty. He skipped the small Chili since it was almost time for shift change. Bruce Lee had a Baked Potato with sour cream and butter with a Diet Coke.

Now think about it. Our heroes in Blue just took down a scum bag with enough drugs to kill off most of your church congregation. The Drug Dealer didn’t care who got the drugs as long as they could pay for them. Your grandson, daughter, sister or children’s school teacher could have been that victim. Bruce Lee and Harvey saved lives that day.

Oh maybe you didn’t hear me well. You see those drugs that the Baby Killer was spreading in your neighborhood might have gotten to some dirt ball that decided to drive and ended up in a head on collision with your husband coming home from work with the pay check that was going towards your mortgage but now you have to use it for his funeral. Drug dealers are death dealers. Harvey and Bruce Lee are heroes. Get that straight.

Thank You Bruce Lee Bradley and Our Beloved Harvey Johnson.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!