On Monday September 16 we was dispatched to assist south Claiborne fd with a structure fire at around 1100 hours. While enroute initial reports were someone could be in the camper that caught fire and then catching the home on fire. Once on scene we assisted with extinguishing the camper fire and cooling propane tanks. South Claiborne had two firefighters inside working to extinguish the home. A second handline was requested by south Claiborne inside once entry was made. We assisted with manning the second handline and performed a primary search of the home. Each unit did well while operating inside with comms and working as a team to get the job done. Once the fire was under control contact with the person who was believed to be inside was made and verified they was not there. A secondary search was performed to clear the home. Access to the home was limited and this made for harder working conditions for us. No injuries reported at the time of the fire. We want to say good job to everyone their and helping to save an animal that was in the home. We want to thank our dispatchers for their hard work of gathering information for us and the sheriffs office and EMS for their help. We was back in service around 1315