The Joker:

6/27/2019, Saturday afternoon around 3 P.M. Everyone on the force is working over time, night time and weekends. The situation is stressful at best. The crew’s nerves are a bit on edge. A man comes in the front door of the station and begins a conversation with the dispatcher.

Man: “I’d like to know what’s going on with the investigation on my house being robbed”.
Dispatcher: “Do you know who was in charge of your case sir”?
Man: “I really don’t care who was in charge, have you caught em yet”?
Dispatcher: “I’m trying to help you sir, but I’ll need a case number and some more information”.
Man: “Well if you assholes knew what you were doing you’ve have caught them by now.”

The Dispatcher who used to be a patrolman himself and is also working under the stress of hours of overtime and the crime wave, just reverted back to the way an old cop handled a challenge by getting up in your face. He got up and approached the subject. Unfortunately for the Dispatcher he was behind a bullet proof Glass wall and walked right into it. “Boom” his head hit the glass. Reeling backwards the dispatcher took a seat. The man complaining saw that things were getting out of hand and just left.

Sunday Morning 6/28/2019 the early shift shuffles in. Of course no one wants to work Sunday morning but one thing it usually is, is quiet. With the end of Saturday night and the advent of Church goers one can enjoy some calm for a bit. Chief Busic rumbles in at 6:45 A.M. earlier than the rest who are due at 7. When you are the Chief you must make a good example of being on time. No one has to know that you’ve spent your Saturday off sleeping. Although you missed the family BBQ, a nephew’s birthday party and a few other events, for the most part you are upbeat due to the rest.

Chief Busic immediately notices the big shiner on the Dispatcher’s forhead. The conversation went like this:
Chief: “Did you fall down”?
Dispatcher: “No”
Chief: “Did your wife get pissed about the new fishing equipment you were bragging about”
Dispatcher “NO”!!!
Chief: “Is this last night’s coffee”?
Dispatcher: “Yeah”.

Just after 10 A.M. a call came in about someone walking through the parking lots out on 25E and looking in cars. The Dispatcher was about to get on the radio when Chief Busic who knew he was gonna take shit from the family for missing the nephew’s birthday party on Saturday said: “I’ll go”.

The Dispatcher said: “Come on Tom it’s Sunday, let the boys handle this, take a break and relax”.
Chief Busic: “I’ll be back soon”.
Dispatcher: “Tom, that is bullshit”.

Chief Busic found the suspect with a new cell phone he’d just taken out of a car. When asked if he had anything else on him the suspect denied it. Without further ado, the suspect had some meth, needles and someone else’s EBT card. Chief Busic put the cuffs on him and made the arrest. Easy huh? Well, not really. You see, the suspect is a career criminal. 36 year old Mr. Jason Aldridge of Middlesboro has a long history of charges going back to 2003 including but not limited to:

Shoplifting X5
Criminal Trespass X2
Public Intoxication X4
Trafficking in Marijuana X1
Falsely reporting an incident X1
Disorderly Conduct X1
Trafficking In Controlled Substance X1
Possession of Marijuana X2
Bench Warrant For Other Agency X1
Drug Paraphernalia X1
Parole Violation X1
Criminal Mischief X4
Burglary X1
Possession of Burglary Tools X1
Bench Warrant X14

All in all 24 bookings into the Bell County Jail. Not too Shabby.

Anyway, Chief Busic noticed that Mr. Aldridge was cooperating like butter while he looked over the Chief’s shoulder. The chief turned to look and Officer Michael Bradley (Bruce Lee) had come in as back up. If Mr. Aldridge had any thoughts of giving the Chief a problem and you can bet he did, they ended when Bruce Lee Bradley Showed up.

So the Chief took Mr. Aldridge down to the Pineville Sunday come to meeting place for those that need religion and booked him in charged with:

Possession of Meth
Fraud, use of Electronic Sources (EBT Card)
Drug Paraphernalia Buy/Possess

Mr. Aldridge is still chilling at the Jail at the time of this writing. He has a 1K “Cash” bond on the Meth charge and no bonds listed on the others.

Chief Busic got back to the station right at lunch time. As he walked in the conversation went like this:

Chief Busic: “You called Bradley for back up”?
Dispatcher: Silent
Chief Busic: “If I need back up, I’ll call it in”.
Dispatcher: Silent
Chief Busic: “Is this the same pot of coffee”?
Dispatcher: Silent
Chief Busic picking up a stale donut from last night: “These donuts are hard”.
Dispatcher: Silent
Chief Busic: “Bradley is a good man”.
Dispatcher: “I’m ordering a pizza”
Chief Busic: “Pepperoni”
Dispatcher: “Yeah”
Chief Busic: “I’ll pay for it”.
Dispatcher: “Then I’ll get the wings with it also”.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!

“The following article is based on open and public records from the Middlesboro Police Department as well as The Bell County Detention Center Website and is written in the style of satire as an opinion piece not associated or based on the opinions of The Polygraph News, Incorporated—it’s founders, owners or staff.”