From The House Of Raley:


Great job Mr. President, if only our local elected officials would keep their constituents as informed as you do. Our Mayor and several county commissioners recently, in open forum, stated they would never share information on social media like you do Mr. President. They condemned the users of Facebook and social media stating it was only for drama. They condemned citizens of Union County using Facebook to ask questions and clarify “rumors” which were backed by their own documents calling us liars and authors of propaganda.

Mr. President the Mayor of Union County spoke down to us in the county commission meeting. He actually took our topic from the agenda which many of us had come to hear about. He said there would be no drama in the commission meeting and simply “DENIED” us the right of free speech after he had delivered his rant. In his rant he threatened to have users of Facebook removed from his meeting, by force by with enforcement. He later allowed one of his commissioners to speak on the very topic he told the entire courtroom would not be discussed. He never called the commissioner down, he never called the courtroom to order when they burst out clapping following a commissioner clapping. He stated not once but multiple times that if anyone wanted to know what was going on in Union County to speak with him and he would set us straight. He would not even speak to me after the meeting. He wouldn’t speak to me during the meeting. To date he has not called me to set me straight. He condemned me for asking my questions on Facebook but I must admit my Facebook questions worked. It got the needed attention to what was about to be a mistake.

Dear Mr. President I do not know how to communicate with someone who is afraid to have a conversation in writing. Commissioners have actually told me they don’t put nothing in writing and they “take care” of things the old fashioned way, in person and on the phone. Well Mr. President I applaud your placing your actual words on social media so that “We the People” actually know what you say and mean. As with you and the news people the news is more often than not written towards a personal or group agenda.

Mr. President our little town has a local news paper that is so biased in the way they write things I do not know how they sell a single publication. They were proud to print that people on Facebook were misinformed “idiots” speaking about things they did not know about. Well to quote a commissioner, the one thing they got correct is that we still stand “uninformed”. You see Mr. President our local paper uses words like “evidently” to put words in peoples mouths just like they did for me. They stated, “evidently” Mr. Lay had a hard time tracking down the poster of an article. They were talking about me and I live a mile from the commissioner and my phone number is posted multiple times on social media. The word “evidently”, as used by the Reporter who is also the City Mayor who has tried the same tactics on the same ordinance, means she drew a conclusion without fact and reported officially in her paper something that was “false”, “propaganda” if you will. She says evidently Mr. Lay made several attempts to contact me. “All lies” in the words of a famous man. I have the post where I was ask to call Mr. Lay which I did. You should note t the request came from a post that most readers would never have seen, even myself. I did in fact see it and responded immediately that I was out of town but would call first thing in the AM. I also have a phone record which shows that, I in fact, called Mr. Lay and that he did not call me first. He did in fact return my call about 20 minutes later. Another fact not considered by Mr. Lay, Ms Smith the reporter and Mayor, is that when a post on Facebook gave “scenarios” of Mr. Lay having knowledge, it was based off Mr. Lay having approved of the original ordinance when he was Mayor. It is his signature which resides on that ordinance so when he stood before everyone stating nothing in any of the post was correct, well that in fact was incorrect unless someone forged his signature.

Mr. President, as a citizen of this great country and Union County I was simply told by commissioners of a “serious” change to an ordinance on a Saturday night that was being voted on to approve. This is backed up by the agenda which can be found on the Mayor’s website. It clearly states to be voted on, it does not say discussed as the Mayor eluded to in open court. Anyone with a common sense law background can read the content of the proposed ordinance changes and see that they are biased and unconstitutional taking away from the citizens of Union County rights of appeal and due process. These proposed ordinance changes were written with such vagueness the person given this power would have untold privileges to condemn properties without the citizen having any recourse.

Mr. President, this ordinance when started in 2007 by Mr. Lay, the Mayor at that time, was written to help clean up the streets and highways of our county. This was a commendable effort. The proposal that was written is very broad based, open for interpretation by the Law Enforcement Litter Ordinance Officer who reports only to the Mayor without an oversight committee. There are no clear goals nor standards established to help educate the citizens that it affects so that they even know if they are within the bounds of the law. I have little doubt this ordinance would have been passed on first reading because of the people backing it. The Mayor was careful in his rant to say he didn’t believe it would have. He commented that this was only to bring his commissioners up to date but yet his agenda clearly stated it was to be voted on. An ordinance that now would not only deal with street and highway trash but also what would be in the determination of said Ordinance Officer, an illegal dump site, a trashy kept home or yard that could in their opinion be a health or safety hazard to anyone wanting to file a complaint.

The way this was written and would have “likely” been passed, anyone who doesn’t like their neighbor or anyone else in the county could say that a tire with water in it laying in your backyard by the barn which you feed chickens from is harboring unhealthy mosquitoes that may cause a health hazard. Said LE Litter Ordinance Officer could then come on your property without a warrant, back by the Sheriff’s Dept, bring someone to carry away your tire, then send you a bill for the removal. If you don’t believe this can happen ask the people of Knoxville who routinely get $7-800 bills when the city or county show up to mow their yards because the neighbor complained.

People of Union County, show up and speak up before you no longer have any rights. As a note the Great City of Maynardville, represented by the Union News Leader is doing the same thing.

Donald J. Trump

8 hrs

As bad as CNN is, Comcast MSNBC is worse. Their ratings are also way down because they have lost all credibility. I believe their stories about me are not 93% negative, but actually 100% negative. They are incapable of saying anything positive, despite all of the great things that this Administration has done. They don’t talk about the great economy, the big tax and regulation cuts, the rebuilding of the Military, “Choice” at our VA, our Vets, Judges and Supreme Court Justices, the Border Wall going up, lowest crime numbers, 2nd A, and so much more!

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