Warning:The Following contains adult language and situations.

The Joker:

8/4/2019, just before dark, a flat bed truck carrying a large metal box approximately 12×12 is docking into the old factory out on 40th street. The small Mexican man who is the passenger is out raising the dock door. The driver says: “Rapido, Vamous”. The door is raised and the passenger runs to a nearby fork lift to bring the box into the bay. The box is lifted and moved in and settled upon the concrete slab of the dock. The Driver of the flat bed yells out: “Date prisa es casi oscuro” (Translation: “Hurry, it’s almost dark”).

Once on the slab the Mexican man drags the electrical cord that joins the Flat bed outside the dock and brings down the dock door locking it. He then jumps back into the truck and says: “Via”. The driver hits the gas and the truck pulls away. After about 15 feet the electrical cord breaks. The Truck continues back out onto 40th street and into the night. The men made no effort to stop and re-lock the gate.

8/5/2019, just after daylight, Dispatch receives a call:

Man: “Ya’ll need to get out here. This is some wild shit here. I served four tours in Nam and I ain’t never seen nothing like this”.
Dispatcher: “Sir now what is the address?, Ok, Ok, Evans Drive, I’ll get somebody out there.”

The Dispatcher put the phone down as the hair on the back of his neck stood up. Officer H. Johnson (Harvey) came through the office and immediately heard: “Harvey go out on Evans drive stat! Wait for Back up when you get there, you hear!!!?” At that moment Officer Nicholas Capps came in the back door from working a 12 hour night shift and the Dispatcher said: “Capps, you go with Harvey. I don’t like this one at all”.

45 seconds later Chief Tom Busic entered the building.

Dispatcher: “Tom get a cup of coffee.” Fumbling…God Damn it !!! Harvey took my donut again!!!”.
Chief Busic: “Please, not this early”.
Dispatcher: “Tom stay close, something is up out on Evans Drive. I sent Harvey and Lover Boy out there. My guess is you’ll be going soon also”.
Chief Busic: “Huh”?
Dispatcher: “Make some fresh coffee while you’re there”.

Officer H. Johnson (Harvey) pulled up at the home out on Evans drive. He waited as instructed in the front until about two mins later when Officer Nicholas Capps arrived. A 70s man with long grey hair was standing on the front porch holding a shot gun.

Harvey: “Sir, put down the shot gun”!!!
Man, putting the shot gun in the porch swing and continuing out to open the gate. “Come on in Harvey”.

The man led Harvey and Officer Capps through the gate around the house and into the back yard. A long silence ensued as the three looked over a grisly picture.

Harvey: “Damn”.
Capps: “$%^&”.
Man: “Ain’t this some shit”?

The entire back yard was full of blood. The chain link fence was covered as well as the grass and back of the house. Dog parts were everywhere. Legs, tails, guts, heads, eyes, and hair strewn widely in a 50 foot area. The dogs had been torn to pieces.

Harvey: “About what time do you think this happened”?
Man: “I don’t know, the dogs never got a chance to bark”.
Harvey: “How can that be”?
Man: “Harvey, I trained dogs in Nam , these 4 Pits could have killed a squad of men in seconds. The smallest weighted 180 pounds. I ain’t got a fucking clue what could do this without a sound”.
Harvey: “The back gate has no lock on it to the trail going up the hill. Were the dogs here to protect that”?
Man: “Harvey you know good and well what’s up that trail and that these dogs were here to keep it safe. If you want to go up there and send me to jail, I might be better off locked up in Pineville than out here with what ever can do this to those dogs”.
Officer Capps: “I’ll call Tom”.

20 mins later Chief Busic arrives. Officers Capps and Johnson are steady taking photos with their cell phones.

Chief Busic: “Maybe a large bear”.
Man: “Tom, the dogs never even got a chance to bark”.
Chief Busic: “Mountain lion perhaps”?
Man: “No way Tom, they’d have killed it”.
Chief Busic: “Harvey, you stay here until the wildlife investigator shows up. Capps you go home and get some sleep”.

8/6/2019 around 9 A.M. in the morning, a call comes in to dispatch.

Lady: “Now you get your ass over here and put down that damn dog next door cause he’s done killed all my chickens”.
Dispatcher: “Maam, now just settle down, we’ll get someone there fast”.
Lady: “It better be fast cause I’m gone kill that damn dog”.

Officer H. Johnson (Harvey) pulled into the drive to find an irrate lady screaming about a dog killing her chickens and how she was gonna kill it’s ass. Harvey said: “Maam settle down. Show me the dead chickens”.

Lady: “I can’t show you the chickens, they’s all gone, ain’t a damn one of them left, just feathers” !!!

Harvey followed the lady around the back of the house to the chicken coup and sure enough, nothing but feathers. No heads, no legs, no breasts, no feet, no livers or gizzards, no thighs, not even a side of Cole slaw. It was like a bad KFC nightmare.

Lady: “Now where all my Chickens”???
Harvey: “Maam, I dunno, but no dog could have done this”.
Neighbor screaming: “My dog has been at the Vet for the last three days”!!!

8/7/2019, 10:40 A.M. Officer Kenny Vanover (Big K.) is flagged down by a lady standing in her yard out on 25th street.

Big K. : “What can I do for you maam”.
Lady: “I can’t find my dog, and I can’t figure out how he got out”.
The Big K. gets out of the car and follows the lady around the back of the house where he finds a small lot with a 12 foot wooden fence around it.
Big K.”What kind of dog is it maam”?
Lady: “He’s a Irish Setter, and sort of mean. He protects me and the house well. I love him”.
Big K.” Would he run away”?
Lady: “No way, he’s got it too good here,”. She Said Laughing.
Big K.: “Does he bite”?
Lady: “Oh hell yes”.
Big K.: “Well the best we can do is be on the look out and hope he don’t get hurt or hurt anyone.”.
Lady: “I got his pic all over Face Book now. I just can’t figure out how he got out”.

8/7/2019, 10 P.M. Little Scruffy got let out in a fenced in yard to piss. Scruffy never came back.

8/8/2019, at 9:22 A.M. a call comes in to dispatch.

Caller: “You won’t believe this but I just seen a pack of Coyotes heading West on Cumberland Avenue from Wilson Lane.”
Dispatcher: “Are you sure it’s not just dogs”?
Caller: “Don’t believe me?, Go Check”.

Harvey arrived within minutes and one lady was screaming from her porch. “They went thataway”!!!

Harvey pulled over to the side of the road and put the blue lights on. A man came out of his house and said: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it”.
Harvey asked: “What do you mean”? The Man Answered: “I been a hunter all my life and when a pack of coyotes is moving in daylight where humans can see them…they are running from something”.

The next couple of days and nights in the Boro were hell. Dispatch was overwhelmed with calls of missing cats, dogs, ducks, rabbits, chickens and even live stock. Face book was loaded with photos asking for help in locating lost pets. One man posted photos of his mutilated horse. Something was wrong…very wrong.

8/11/2019 at 1:38 in the morning, a Middlesboro Police Car pulls up in front of a residence on Evans Drive. A grey haired man sits in the front porch swing holding a 12 gauge shotgun, smoking a joint and drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon. The officer approaches the gate and asks: “Can we talk”? The man answers “Yeah, come on in”.

The officer seats himself in one of those old iron chairs that rocks back and forth and asks: “Well, whataa ya think”?
Man: “In Nam we called it the “Ma”. The Spirit of death. It killed us and it killed them too. You couldn’t see it or hear it but you could feel it. Right now, I feel it”.
Officer: Silent
Man: “Boy if you know something, spit it out.”
Officer: “We kept losing men in the night. Few bodies were found. The locals seemed to know when it would happen. They would stay inside. We couldn’t figure it out”.
Man: “Yeah”.
Officer: “They said they knew how to kill it but they wouldn’t ever tell us. One night I seen it”.
Man: “Ma”.
Officer: “Kinda, it was a woman with wings and fangs. A vampire. The bodies we found were all drained of blood with their throats torn out. The Arabs wouldn’t do that”.
Man: “Beer soldier”?
Officer: “Nah, I’m working”.
Man: “Maybe that extra 40 caliber you’re carrying will help”.
Officer: “Maybe”.

8/12/2019. 2 hogs were missing out on Noetown Road. Rocking Robin Venable and Harvey had surveyed the scene and found little to go on other than blood and pig shit all over the place. The Dispatcher asked Chief Busic if he wanted to go to lunch. Chief Busic agreed.

Dispatcher: “That Mexican joint on Cumberland ok Tom”?
Chief Busic: “Yeah sure”.

As they pulled into the parking lot you could see that the lights were off and the place was closed.

Dispatcher: “Maybe they went out of business”.
Chief Busic: “Maybe”.

The two continued out to the other Mexican restaurant on the highway. When they pulled in the parking lot the manager was locking the door. One of the waitresses ran across the parking lot and threw herself at Chief Busic.

Waitress: “Dios Meo!!! pronto matará a los niños”!!!
Chief Busic: “Maam I don’t speak spanish”.
Waitress:” Él está muerto”.
Chief Busic trying to hold the lady up from falling: “Maam, please, can you tell me in English”.
Waitress in broken English: “He will kill our children and you”!!!
Chief Busic: “Who Maam Who”!!!

A Mexican man ran over and grabbed the woman dragging her sobbing into a truck. He turned and said to Chief Busic: “We all die you no stop him”.

Dispatcher: “I don’t think I’m hungry anymore”.
Chief Busic: ” When we get back, Make some fresh coffee”.

8/13/2019 about 11 in the morning. Someone calls into dispatch and says that it looks like the old factory out on 40th street has been broken into. “The gate is open and a bay door is up”.

Sgt. Floyd (Motown) Patterson and the new guy Franklin show up to check it out. They enter the bay to find a strange scene.

Motown: “Damn, ain’t that some shit”.
Franklin: “The chains were holding something in and not ON the truck”.
Motown: “So it busted off the locks on the box and out of the chains from the inside”?
Franklin: “It appears so Sgt.”
Motown: “Better have Tom look at it”.
Franklin: “yeah”.

8/13/2019 about 6 P.M.

Dispatcher: “The shit will hit the fan soon”
Chief Busic: “Yeah, we gotta do something”.

8/14/2019, Sunday afternoon. The children are playing in Lincoln park on a bright sunny day, when a mother notices that her 3 year old is not within sight. She turns several times and calls out “Mark Allen…Where are you”! No answer comes. She screams even louder: “Mark Allen!!!”. No answer comes. She panics and begins to run through the play ground and down through the park screaming along the way: “My baby!!!, Mark Allen, Where are you”???. The other women begin to jump into the search with their motherly instincts. The men also gather to form a search party. Someone calls 911 and the Dispatcher sends The Big Bear Cowan out to help.

The recent events in the city have caused the citizens to be on edge regarding their children. It is no wonder that the women with small children are especially nervous. The Big Bear Cowan arrives on the scene. The mother approaches him screaming: “My Baby!!! I can’t find him !!!”. Before The Big Bear can react a voice is heard in the distance: “Mom, I took Markie down to the creek so he could see the fish”.

The entire park breathed a sigh of relief. The 12 year old got his ass beat later on that evening. The mothers and fathers as well as The Big Bear Cowan were glad that no harm was done. Unfortunately, the affect of the situation hit Face Book like an avalanche. By nightfall, the Boro was the most dangerous place in the country to be after dark. Mayor Nelson’s phone was aflame with calls.

8/14/19 just after dark, 3 Yorkies disappeared from a residence on 15th street.

8/15/2019 at around 1 A.M. in the morning. A young man walked into the station house and knocked on the bullet proof glass window. “Pizza Delivery for The Night Stalker”.

The Dispatcher who is experienced in working the streets, runs out into the lobby with one hand on his service weapon. “Son, that is a wooden box and not a pizza box, what you got there”?

Pizza Boy: “Lola”.
Dispatcher: “Lola”?
Pizza Boy: “What Lola wants Lola gets”.

The dispatcher walked over to the kid and snapped his fingers in front of his blank staring eyes. Nothing. The Dispatcher took the wooden box and placed it in a chair in the lobby and shook the kid a bit. The kid sort of gained consciousness and asked: “Where am I “?

The Dispatcher called the paramedics that took the kid to the hospital where he turned out to be on no drugs or such. He was hypnotized by someone named “Lola” in order to bring the box to the police station so that The Night Stalker could pick it up. The kid had a crisp 100 dollar bill in his shirt pocket.

The Dispatcher opened the box and then Called The Night Stalker who was there within minutes.

Dispatcher: “I trust you won’t tell Tom”.
The Night Stalker: “No”.
Dispatcher: “You’re lucky you got friends”.
The Night Stalker: “Maybe”.

8/15/2019 by noon, The City is in panic. Mayor Nelson’s phone is ringing off the hook and the MPD’s line is just as busy. The fear of a monster running loose in the city is rampant. The children can’t play in the street and the folks are not letting their pets out . The Mexican restaurants are closed, the Governor has been called, even the drug dealers are shutting down early. Walmart has no business after dark.

8/15/19, 6 P.M. in the afternoon. Officer Nicholas Capps has been through this before with Lola Sinn’s tricks. The wooden box he received at the station last night contained a 10 inch knife make of silver with a golden handle studded with jewels . This had to be a special knife designed to kill a supernatural beast. It was clear now. The Night Stalker is the target.

8/15/19 10 P.M. , an old veteran out on Evans drive sitting in the swing on his front porch with a shot gun begins to sweat. He can feel it. The “Ma” is near. He draws deeply on the joint he’s smoking and speaks out into the night…”I’m ready, bring it on you son of a bitch”.

8/16/2019 is the night of the full moon. The night of the “Sturgion moon”. The night of the “Ghost moon” according to the Chinese, where the spirits come from the other side to speak to us. It is the night of the month with the most light. The Stalker needs the darkness. This is the time of the month with the less darkness. The Stalker is at his weakest.

8/16/2019 3:33 A.M. over in the East End on Cemetery Hollow road. Two lambs are singing “Baa, Baa” because something had disturbed them. Before you can blink an eye the lamb’s blood and body parts are being thrown into the night. The Big Quillie steps forward with a 12 gauge shot gun loaded with double oo buck and fires several times at the perpetrator. The noise thunders into the night. Officer Quillen has used the lambs as bait. The beast does not seem to be affected and continues the assault on the lambs. The Big Quillie empties the magazine of his 40 caliber hand gun once again to no avail. The lambs are destroyed. Only their blood on the ground is left. Their bodies have been devoured. The Chupacabra’s red eyes now stare at Officer Joel Quillen (The Big Quillie) like he is another piece of meat on the menu. With a growl the Chupacabra moves forward. The Big Quillie fires his other 40 Caliber hand gun…bang, bang, bang, 9 times. The beast stood tall.

This would be the Chupacabra’s first human meal since joining his new hunting grounds. Normally the Chupacabra enjoys the meat of dogs, cattle and small animals, if the meat is human, his preference is children, but in this case, The Big Quillie has interfered and must be punished.

If there is one thing The Big Quillie has learned as a boy scout, soldier and police officer it is: “Always be prepared” there may come that “Just in case” moment. In the few seconds that the Chupacabra stopped to savor over it’s next meal, The Big Quillie took the grenade off his service belt and pulled the pin. letting go of the safety lever and holding the grenade out in front of him he said: “Come and get it Rover”.

As the beast lunged forward, out of the darkness stepped The Night Stalker between it and The Big Quillie. With one hand slapping the grenade into the woods The Night Stalker ran the Sacred Knife into the throat of the beast. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Went the sound of the grenade going off. The Night Stalker and The Big Quillie were thrown to the ground.

The two officers got to their feet quickly. The Big Quillie was out of weapons but still had plenty of fight left. The Night Stalker, had one six gun out and began to fire into the beast that was still on the ground…Bang!, Bang!, Bang ! until The Big Quillie put his arm on him.

“Won’t do no good, I shot him plenty, He’s dead, you cut his throat”. Said The Big Quillie.

The two officers stood silent for a minute or two. Finally The Big Quillie said: “You need to finish it”.
The Night Stalker: “Yeah”.

The Stalker used the sacred knife and proceeded to behead the beast and begin to dissect the corpse.

The Big Quillie: “What are we gonna do with the body”?
The Stalker: “I don’t know yet”.
A feminine voice came through the darkness: “I’ll take care of it, go back into town”.

The two officers turned to see Lola Sinn glowing in the full moon.

“God Damn You, I oughta”!!! yelled The Stalker.
“Oughta What”? answered Lola Sinn. “I saved your ass mind you”, and it wasn’t the first time”.
“She’s right” said The Big Quillie. “Let’s get out of here before we get fired”.
“Fired For What??? Saving The Town !” answered The Night Stalker.
“You Know how it goes”. Said The Big Quillie.
The Stalker: “You killed Christine”!!!
Lola Sinn: “You’re the one that drove her into the crusher”.

The Big Quillie stepped between them.

“Leave the knife, I gotta give it back to a Mexican guy” Said Lola Sinn.

An Elderly Man out on Evans Drive suddenly felt better and went to bed.

8/16/2019 at Noon. Chief Busic has just come in to do a 12 hour shift.

Dispatcher: “Hey Tom, I just made coffee”.
Chief Busic: “So I hear you sent a pizza boy to the hospital the other night”.
Dispatcher: “Yeah he seemed a bit confused and thought he might be on some kind of dope”.
Chief Busic: “Who ordered the Pizza at midnight”?
Dispatcher: “Well, I, it was, I think, Harvey, yeah Harvey”.
Chief Busic: “Harvey was home in bed”.
Dispatcher: “Oh I meant we gave the pizza to Harvey in the morning, I think it was The Big Quillie that ordered it.”
Chief Busic: “Quillie was off that night”.

The phone rang and the Dispatcher answered: “Middlesboro Police Department. Yes maam, ok, yes.” The Dispatcher turned to see Chief Busic going off with the last half of his Tuna fish sandwich the wife made him for lunch. “Fucker” he uttered. “What!!!” said the lady on the line. “Truckers maam, were there any truckers on the highway at that time”? “Yes of course, we were coming from Pineville” she answered.

8/17/2019 just after 2 p.m. a big Yellow Cadillac pulled up in front of a home out on Evans Drive. An elderly man sat on the front porch swing drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon with a 38 special in his back pocket. An attractive woman with long dark hair and a low cut blouse got out. She approached the gate and putting her arms on the fence said: “You train dogs”?

Man: “I did, back in the day”.
Lady: “I got some dogs here”.
Man: “What kind of dogs”?
Lady: “Pits…4 of em”.
The man came off the porch and down the walk opening the gate, “Let’s seem em”.
4 beautiful, just weaned, pit bull boys lay in the back seat of the Caddy. “How much”? asked the man.
“Free, if you take the dog food with em” She responded.

The lady opened the trunk of the Caddy displaying 2 big blue tubs with tops on them. She opened one and the man looked in. Putting the top back on, the man turned and said: “Deal”.

Go team Middlesboro!!!

The above is mere fantasy, the musings of a mad man. It is not to be taken seriously nor believed. Unless you think The Chupacabra really exists.