“Concerned Citizens” lead to Drug Bust. The Middlesboro Police Diaries

The Joker:

Middlesboro Police had received several calls from concerned citizens about possible drug activity on 38th street. Something had to be done and fast. Detective Joe Holder responded. After a “knock and talk” session, consent was given to search the premises. You guessed it. Charles Sweat is charged with “Possession of Controlled Substance 1st degree, 1st offense (Meth), Possession of controlled substance-2nd degree-drug unspecified, Drug paraphernalia-buy/possess.” Marisa Gonzales is also charged with: “Drug paraphernalia buy/possess, Possession controlled substance 2nd degree-drug unspecified, and Possession controlled substance 1st degree, 1st offense (Meth).” According to the police report, there was also syringes, baggies, straws and a six year old in the residence.

Joe Holder is fast (gives K-9s a head start), but nothing is faster and observes more than Grandmaw (concerned citizen) on that front porch looking out for the neighborhood. Grandmaw sees what nobody notices because… “She’s got Betty Davis Eyes”. The Concerned Citizen is what brought the above affair about. You may not be Grandma, but you to can be a concerned citizen and call in tips to the M.P.D. (606-248-3636).

Note: Officer M. Bradley assisted Detective Holder in the arrests just in case there was a scuffle. Joe Holder can run them down but it’s Bradley that has the martial arts skills. Even Owen Beck refuses to spar with him. “What the heck Bradley”?

Lastly, jokes aside, being a policeman/woman is just not easy. Did you know that one prick from a needle that contains fentanyl can kill you in 15 mins? Even if the drug gets on your skin you can die in moments. Drugs are overrunning our communities and our nation…how would you like to be the one to enforce drug laws in our present situation? Bell County in general is one of the worse areas for drug activity in the state, needles, needles everywhere. The police can’t do it on their own, but if Grandmaw jumps in the fight….we’ve got a chance. Come on Grandmaw we need you!

Go Team Middlesboro.

Middlesboro Police Report Click Here