An incarcerated and CONVICTED inmate housed in the Bell County Detention Center awaiting sentencing on multiple charges, was released by The Bell County Detention Center on April 14th. Joseph O. West was convicted in the Bell Circuit Court of third degree assault on a Police Officer, resisting arrest, possession of meth, and was supposed to be held in the B.C. Detention center until sentencing. He now faces some of the same charges across the state line in Tennessee where he was arrested again shortly afterward. A Kentucky Jury found him guilty and he was taken to the Bell County Detention Center to be held until final sentencing but was once again….released by The Detention Center not only in Bell County , but in Claiborne County also.

Sources told The Polygraph News that a Bell County Circuit Judge issued a warrant for his arrest after the judge was notified that the Bell County Detention Center released him and that Claiborne County was contacted because of his address (Cumberland Gap) through NCIC.

We learned through our own investigation that Joseph O. West was arrested in Claiborne County after a road stop several days later at 12:05 pm on April 18th. Among the charges West faces in Claiborne County include Criminal Impersonation, Resisting Arrest, Failure to Stop (Halt and Frisk) and Speeding. Officials with Claiborne County Jail confirmed West has a Cumberland Gap address and was released on a $2500 bail bond via Papa’s Bail Bonds based in Morristown. We verified with a Claiborne county booking office representative that there were no warrants that were on the subject’s File.

West’s whereabouts are unknown at this time and our investigation continues as to how the inmate was released in both jurisdictions and why there appears to be no one taking responsibility. Is this a lack of communication that would have provided authorities with the alleged warrants for his arrest? A Dangerous criminal walks our streets. The investigation continues.