I love jewelry. I love everything about it. I like sparkly, I like rocks, I like wood, coral, shells, pearls, leather-all colors all sorts. I didn’t start actually buying, or wearing it until I stopped working with people.

A short-ish explanation as to why- When I was a 19 year old Navy Corpsmen I sat with an Admiral in his last days and hours. He died on my shift and it was my job to prepare his body to be moved. I did all of the things I was supposed to do, including the body bag, when I suddenly realized my engagement ring was missing. I looked at the bag that contained the body of that man and wondered when I lost it. I remembered having it on my hand as I timed his last breath and the last heart beat, which was what we did then.

I had spent days with him and, of course, had great respect for him as a person and as an Admiral. I couldn’t bear the thought of searching his body bag, so I just stood there for a few minutes wondering if I wanted that ring badly enough to dig around a body in a body bag…. I looked up in the air like we do in search of what I should do- Having made my decision, I stepped away from the bed and looked down at him to make sure I had performed my duties correctly before calling in the NOD (Charge nurse of the hospital). – There, in the corner of my eye was a sparkle- it was on the floor under the edge of the bed. I don’t know when it happened, but there was my ring. I never wore more than a flat ring and stud earrings at work after that- for at least the next 30 years. I had a couple bobbles for going out- but I wasn’t a serious jewelry girl. I mean, you never knew when you’ll be putting someone in a body bag- At least that was my secret thought.

So now, I’m free of that weird aversion and I love jewelry.  And I’ve had a couple of “This is amazing!!” moments the last month. One is …. Magnetic necklace/bracelet closures. They are awesome!!! They are strong and you don’t have to have the nimble fingers of a cat burglar to don, or off your necklace or bracelet. Soon I will have that type of closure for every necklace I own.

And now I’ve discovered Brooch pin magnets!!! No holes in your scarves or clothes- and it sticks where you put it! It’s a good time to treat myself to all of the costume and more serious jewelry that tickles my fancy!! It’s a magnet that you put the pin of the brooch into and fasten- and use the other half of the magnet under your scarf, blouse or jacket and BAM! It stays there!

I don’t know who thought these groovy magnet things up- but I can wear pieces I haven’t worn in years because I couldn’t fasten them and the man can’t help me anymore. They are great for people who have difficulty getting their hands and fingers to work well- AND for those who’d just rather not be bothered trying. They are inexpensive and worth it to me so I can enjoy wearing jewelry again.

That is my gift suggestion for you. They would make great stocking stuffers, or birthday/anniversary gifts etc for someone else or yourself.

Cindy Cloy is a wife, mother and grandmother as well as a Military Veteran taking care of a Military Veteran Husband in Texas. She likes to cook and share recipes on Face Book. She also has the occasional musings that one just has to read.