On Monday February 04, 2019 a multi-agency investigation resulted in the arrest of Ravi Patel the owner and operator of Tazewell Tobacco commonly known as Citgo located at 3170 US HWY. 25E in Tazewell. Officers with the Tazewell Police Department, Claiborne County Sheriffs Office Narcotics and Criminal Investigations Division and the TN. Alcoholic Beverage Commission conducted a search warrant at the business. Mr. Patel is charged with Felony Sale and Delivery of Schedule 6 controlled substances. Felony Possession of Drug paraphernalia. An employee of the establishment has been cited in the past for illegal alcohol sales to minors. There will also be pending charges of illegal alcohol sales to minors that have transpired recently. The Tazewell Police Department chained up the alcohol coolers and Mr. Patel’s selling privileges are temporarily suspended until he meets with the Tazewell Beer Board as a result of the pending citation on alcohol sales to minors. Chief Jeremy Myers and Sheriff Bobby Brooks state the continuing working relationship between both departments and the other state agencies are further proof of success in prosecuting illegal activities. “This is an excellent example of the collaborative efforts of local and state agencies working together to make our communities safer,” said John Pallas, Deputy Chief of the TN Alcoholic Beverage Commission.