It’s a sad but true part of our lives now that we have to ALWAYS be on the look out for drug related crime,laws, and things like used drug needles that could easily effect or destroy our lives even though many of us has nothing to do with the drug culture and the dope show mentality that comes with it and we ALL have to or can be made to deal with…. I personally took this picture of the two used needles at a motel I had been at for 2 days before I just so happen to look up and there they was… These poison injection units was used to the point most of the markings was worn off of one , these babies looked to have had clocked more miles on them than Middlesboro Police cars going to Pineville… This did not take place in the Tri State area to be clear ,( Undisclosed location out of state ) , but I have heard about needles being seen in various places in the area… Now not only do I think of the physical danger of coming into contact with these items or drugs that’s been threw away or hidden where you or your children could come into contact with it , but , wait for it , anyone want to guess where I’m about to go with this???

There’s also-my personal favorite- the LEGAL trouble you could so easily end up into!
When you have done nothing! That’s right folks “Drug paraphernalia” laws are mostly about “possession”… And “possession” laws are about “possession”, so thanks to this lovely drug epidemic, you will be at the mercy of it if the officer believes you or not … So keep an eye out for people that maybe hiding or dumping their drugs and drug related materials in public places , on your property or vehicle.

By Harland Stonewall