Keith Nobles of The Nobles Financial Network is constantly being sent emails and asked questions about subjects such as politics, financial markets, real life problems, and baseball. Mr. Nobles is an author, writer, financial market interpreter, and some what of a seer. An unrepentant Libertarian, his most recent Book “Our Dogs Didn’t Bark” A Politically Incorrect Dystopian Tale displays where he thinks the USA will be soon if not sooner.  This is the first segment where Nobles answers a readers questions on the website. You may not like his answers, but you can rest assured they are always well thought out and to the point. Don’t expect Political correctness either. Nobles brings common sense back to the discussion. Feel more than free to join in the argument.

Nancy From Lexington Ky. Asks: Mr. Nobles: Should Welfare and Food Stamp Recipients have to pass drug tests in order to receive benefits?

Mr. Nobles: No, they should not have to pass a drug test to receive Welfare and Food Stamps because these programs should not exist – and if they do exist they should only be for those who truly are incapable of caring for themselves. There is a much better way to feed the down-and-out via charity than government welfare that cares not at all for why someone needs assistance. In the end, EBT and such is nothing more than corporate welfare to Kroger and Walmart and such – the corporations end up with the money and the idea of getting yourself to a position were you can feed yourself is counter to the big corporations need for the welfare to end up in their bank accounts at the end of the month.

End these programs entirely.


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