The Joker:

9 O’clock in the morning, Monday August 13th 2018, 46th street in Middlesboro, Michael Smith (The Law man) is on patrol. Did you hear me? Its 9 a.m. in the morning, how many of you get up that early? The Lawman is on his 3rd cup of coffee (no donuts..OK maybe one), he’s sharp and his adrenaline is running high. He sees someone in a vehicle that he knows has an “active warrant” and snaps into action. After the traffic stop and search a “black case” was found containing “2869.00 dollars believed to be gained from illegal drug trafficking”. The suspect wasn’t on his way to a storage unit auction you know. So, a few pills were found (Xanax) and of course the bench warrant for “trafficking” and away they went to Pineville, where Mr. Tony A. Stamper was checked in to the Detention Center just in time for lunch with no bond posted as yet and charged with Trafficking again. No clue as to what the lunch was. Officer J. Johnson (J.J.) assisted in the arrest (one cup of coffee and no donuts).

Around 11:30 P.M. last night August 12th, Officer Nick Capps (The Night Stalker) and Lt. Eddie Myers (Mr. Serious) put up a “safety check point” (also known as a road block) on the South Side of Middlesboro on 25E as you are entering the city coming through the tunnel from Big Orange Meth Town.

As luck would have it, a criminal saw the road block and went up the ramp into the park. Just because he’s a Lieutenant doesn’t mean he ain’t fast on his feet. Mr. Serious jumped in the patrol car and took off after the suspect. When the Night Stalker seen this, he also joined the pursuit. At this point, any good runner from the cops that knows the area understands that you can’t just run to the top of the Pinnacle because your only means of escape then would be to jump into Cumberland Gap, and without a parachute …well …not a great idea, so they turned and went down Sugar run road. If you don’t know, Sugar Run road is part of the old “Thunder Road” in which the bootleggers used to out run the coppers back in the day. It is full of twists and turns and short straightaways. If you don’t know that road and you think you are Richard Petty, chances are your gonna wreck.

So here we are, the suspect is in a 2010 Ford with Lt. Myers right behind him. The suspect makes several efforts to slow down and let Lt. Myers catch up only to try and bump him off the road. Now Mr. Serious is getting really serious. The movie chase scene goes on longer than it should until the suspect spins out on a curve and runs over an embankment. Don’t try and out drive Mr. Serious.

At this point The Night Stalker arrives on the scene. The suspect jumps out of the car and takes off running into the night. Officer Capps slides down the embankment and gives chase.  Remember, its pitch black in the woods in the middle of the night. He was thinking, “let Joe Holder try this”. According to the police report it says: “I finally caught up to him” meaning that the chase went on for awhile. The suspect whose huffing and puffing turns and produces a pocket knife but finds the dark red eyes of one that can see in the night. The next thing you know the suspect is cuffed and on the ground and the bag of meth he tried to hide has been discovered. Lets make that long walk up the hill in the black night now.

Upon arrest the suspect couldn’t be tested for DUI even though he smelled like a brewery. Officer Capps asked him to take a blood test in which he replied “HELL NO !!!”. I can’t say I blame him.

Mr. Christopher Atkins (Alias Oreo) was escorted to Pineville where he now resides in a executive suite at the Detention Center charged with :
Fleeing and Evading (Motor Vehicle)
Fleeing and Evading (on Foot)
Trafficking in Controlled Substance 1st degree 1st offense
Tampering with physical evidence
Operation a motor vehicle under the influence
Driving on Suspending license
Wanton Endangerment
Wanton Endangerment (Police Officer)
Resisting Arrest
2 Bench Warrants (one for escape in Clay County)
Several other minor charges.

What a night huh?

Oreo also had a passenger in the vehicle, a certain Ms. Grey who was not charged with anything. She pleaded with Oreo to stop the vehicle. Thank God she was not hurt.

Sources tell us that Mr. Serious (Lt. Myers) actually cracked a smile when Nicki Capps dragged Oreo who was still resisting, to the top of the hill. We can not verify those reports.

In ending this side show, I gotta say that, the boys in blue did a hell of a job on these cases. The Law Man and J.J. taking a drug dealer and his money off the street fueled only with coffee and one donut ….I mean really, the citizens of Middlesboro can’t get a better deal.

Mr. Serious and the Night Stalker chased a dangerous criminal down a perilous road in the middle of the night and ended up in car to car and hand to hand combat. It sounds like a movie but its not…its real. Nobody even got a damn donut. Think about that you Middlesboro tax payers. Looks like you got your money’s worth.

Finally, 2 bad guys off the street, drugs off the street, drug money off the street, as far as we know The Night Stalker don’t have poison ivy.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!

P.S. Nickie had to clean both guns after sliding down the hill in the mud. He also had to have the trench coat cleaned. Don’t think for a minute that anyone at the station laughed.


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