The Joker:

11/3/18 at 1 P.M. in the afternoon, 1913 Cumberland Avenue. Officer Jeremiah Johnson (J.J.) arrests Mr. Howard Stepp Alias “Dusty” on the following Charges:

Possession of Controlled Substance 1st Degree/2nd Offense Methamphetamine.
Illegal possession of manufacturer’s VIN Plate
Drug Paraphernalia Buy-Possess

Mr. Stepp did not give J.J. a hard time but he did try and ditch the Meth before he was searched. He told J.J. about the glass pipe and needles and said that he found them. J.J. took Mr. Stepp to the Bell County Jail where he sits under a 5K bond on the Meth charge and no bond listed on the other charges. Mr. Stepp’s address is listed as “Homeless”.

11/5/18 at 9:45 in the morning. A nice lady is shopping at Walmart when a man steals some items from her buggy that she had already paid for. The man took the items to the front desk and got a refund for $332.91. Officer Michael Smith (The Law Man) answered the ladies call and verified that the crime was all caught on camera.

The Law Man went looking for the suspect and found him at the old Earle’s Gun and Pawn Shop on 19th street. The Law Man arrested Mr. William Mitchell Hoskins. Mr. Hoskins had 67 dollars of his heist left and 2 grams of Meth in his pocket. He admitted to his crimes.

Mr. Hoskins was taken to the Bell County Jail and charged with:

Theft Of Property
Possession of controlled substance 1st Degree/2nd Offense Methamphetamine.

Mr. Hoskins is resting comfortably under a 2500.00 “Cash” Bond on the Theft Charge and no bond listed on the Meth Charge.

Mr. Hoskins address is listed as “Homeless”.

Here we go again. I have warned about this happening over and over. It seems the powers that be in the Boro either don’t care or have no solution. Let us hope that today, the citizens will elect people that want, need, know how and implement ways to control the homeless problem. When the women can’t shop without being in danger, then business will begin to die and with it what is left of the City.

Once again, these types of problems cost the City fortunes over time. The Police are not designed to be babysitters. Using Police Manpower to constantly arrest the same culprits and in this case the chronic homeless will only cost more money and most likely will make it harder for the city to find new Policemen. Do not expect Walmart to police it’s own place when it pays thousands of dollars of taxes to the city.

Thank You for your service Law Man Smith and J.J.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!