By Staff Reports

The Polygraph News has confirmed that an official police report has been filed with the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office concerning a woman’s claim that a male neighbor shot her dog in Claiborne County.

The Polygraph News contacted the daughter of the neighbor Verlin Vititoe and the dog’s owner Rachel Whitaker to interview them in regards to a social media post on Mrs. Whitaker’s Facebook page.

Whitaker claims she allowed her dog out to “go to the bathroom” and when she came outside to return her dog to the house (Approx. 5 mins), she alleges she witnessed Vititoe shooting the dog with what appeared to be a rifle from his front porch. She says when she asked to retrieve her dog, after it had been shot, she claims Vititoe threatened her and refused to allow her on his property. According to Whitaker, it was approximately 20 minutes after she called 911 that law enforcement arrived on the scene.

Vititoe’s daughter sent The Polygraph News a private message asking us not to post a story. Therefore we gave her a courtesy call to hear their side of the story. Lois Frost (Vititoe’s Daughter) told the Polygraph News that her father was raised differently concerning animals. She claims the dog was bothering the ducks and dogs which were contained in a lot on Vititoe’s property.

Whitaker says her dog was young and playful and the playmate of her two young children and had not been in VItetoe’s yard before to her knowledge.

Whitaker says she has been in touch with the prosecutor as well as other legal entities.

Whitaker filed a police report with the sheriff’s office which was unavailable to us at press time.

She says that her family is deeply saddened by the loss of their dog.

The incident happened this morning at approximately 8:30 A.M.

We hope to have a follow-up story in the days ahead.