Sheriff Goins Announces the Federal Arrest of Elk Valley’s Whitey Muse

In the evening hours of May 24, 2018, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office along with the D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Administration) and the Tennessee Highway Patrol executed a federal narcotics arrest warrant on Edgar Lunn Muse, a.k.a. Whitey Muse, age 66 at this residence, 938 Elk Fork Road in Pioneer, TN.

During a search of the residence, officers found and removed evidence to aid and further the investigation on Edgar Lynn Muse. This multi-year investigation is an attempt by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office and the D.E.A. to combat the local opioid epidemic that has plagued our area. This effort by local, state and federal authorities will continue, as in the past, to combat the opioid epidemic that has spread across our county. Muse was transported to a federal corrections holding facility.

Campbell County Sheriff Robbie K. Goins said, “We are honored to work with our state and federal partners to arrest and rid our small communities of this type of problem. We will continue to work closely together. I am proud of all involved in this investigation and arrest. We won’t put up with it here.“