The Joker:

“Listen up, y’all, ’cause this is it
The beat that I’m bangin’ is de-li-cious”

6.22.2019 just after noon. Officer Jeremiah Johnson arrests 37 year old Ms. Sherry Clouse of Middlesboro at her home on Cumberland Avenue on an FTA warrant. Unfortunately for Ms. Clouse she also had some weed, meth and a pill. Now all of you know how J.J. feels about these things. He gets Ms. Clouse down to the Fergalicious Hotel in Pineville faster than “Boys go like Seasons”. Big K. Vanover backed J.J. up on the arrest just in case she put the boys on “Rock Rock”.

Ms. Clouse of course, has gained some frequent flier miles down at the Hotel with her past charges including but not being limited to:

Public Intoxication (Excludes Alcohol) X1
Possession Controlled Substance (Drug Unspecified) X1
Bench Warrant X4
Contempt of Court X2
Possession of Marijuana X1
Possession of Methamphetamine X2

Ms. Clouse was released on July 2nd with “Time Served”. Now ain’t that “Fergalicious”.

6/28/2019 around 8 P.M. Officer Nicholas Capps arrests 35 year old Ms. Shanell Ervin of Middlesboro at the Happy Hollow Apartments on a complaint warrant for “Possession of Methamphetamine” and “Drug Paraphernalia”. Other than 2 previous arrests for “Assault”, Ms. Ervin has been good.

On the way down to The Hotel Fergalicious in Pineville, Ms. Ervin asked: “What happened to that NIght Stalker guy”?

Officer Capps: “I don’t know. I think he quit. Why? ”
Lady: “He was hot”.

Officer Capps stepped on the gas a bit more and delivered Ms. Ervin down to her room at the Hotel before night fall. On the way back to the Boro, the clunker pulled off the road into a dark place where the transformation took place.

Ms. Ervin is still chillin at the Fergalicious Hotel under a $5000.00 “Cash” Bond on the Drug Paraphernalia Charge (Ouch!!!) and $5000.00 (10%) Bond on the Meth Charge. Now that’s an expensive date wouldn’t you say?

Dispatcher: “Hey Capps, I mean Stalker, ah, Tough Guy, You out there?
The Night Stalker: “Yeah”
Dispatcher: “I got a guy cussing at his old lady and breaking the dishes out in East End. Something about she told him that he wasn’t good looking like the car salesman he just bought her a car from. He’s all pissed off and raising hell. Can you handle it?
The Night Stalker: “ETA 10 mins”
Dispatcher: “Don’t be too rough on the guy. Nobody wants to hear that shit”.

Thanks to Officer Nickolas Capps, J. J. and Big K. Vanover The Hotel Fergalicious had two more guests.

Go Team Middlesboro!!!

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