From The Tazewell/New Tazewell Fire Department

Sunday at around noon time we was dispatched to a trailer on fire in new tazewell trailer park. Once on scene we found a trailer fully involved and we began to extinguish the fire. We want to first say thanks to anyone that helped considering the hot temperatures. We also want to say we are aware of people who took a video of us and are saying that we was not being safe and not wearing our ppe or anything. These pictures prove otherwise and yes firefighters did take equipment off after being busy to cool down and to rehab. No one on the scene entered the home with no equipment or did anything that would jeopardize their safety or anyone else. We want to say safety is a priority with us considering new scbas and ppe have been purchased. Also upgrading apparatus has been done because of age and repairs on some. If you have any concerns regarding the fire department feel free to contact an officer of the fire house at any time to ask questions. Thanks for the continuing support