The Joker:

7/18/2019, right at 1 A.M. in the morning. Detective Joe Holder has sworn out a warrant on a certain Mr. William Phillip North AKA “Flip” of Pineville for Trafficking in Meth and a couple of other things. The Night Stalker is on patrol and therefore serves the warrant. “Flip” is arrested out on 31st and Winchester without incident. He was taken down to the Pineville home for career criminals where he was charged with:

4 Bench Warrants
3 Counts of Trafficking (Meth, etc.)

“Flip” has 7 K in “Cash” bonds listed as well as a 186 buck “Pay or stay” and several no bonds listed. He’s still chilling in Pineville. I mean it’s not like he’s not used to the joint. His past charges include but are not limited to:

Warrant for Other Agency X3
Contempt of Court X4
No Insurance X2
Suspended licence X1
No Child Restraints X1
Public Intoxication X2
Fleeing and Evading (Motor Vehicle) X2
Receiving Stolen Property (Firearm)X1
Non Payment of Fines X1
Possession of Meth X1

Next Up, on 7/26/2019 at 11 P.M. The Night Stalker arrests Ms. Brooke Jones of London Ky. out on 19th street for a “Probably probation violation”.  Ms. Jones has a rather long history of being arrested in the Boro. If you’d like to know it you can Click Here and Here. She is currently down at her familiar space in Pineville with no bond listed on a bench warrant for “Forgery of prescription”. I guess that deal flopped on her.

7/20/2019 just before noon out at the B.P. station at the 4 way stop in Binghamtown. A particular Mr. Paul David Rogers Jr. grabbed a couple sodas out of the store and didn’t pay for them. My guess is that the clerk called the cops cause in the report another individual paid for them. Anyhow, Officer Jeremiah Johnson (J.J.) backed up by Officer Jordan Hurd (Heard it all) were on the scene faster than you can get heartburn from a gas station hot dog. So Mr. Rogers just doesn’t appreciate the attention and is “Aggressive with clinched fists” , “In a fighting stance”, “cursing loudly” and “refusing to identify himself”. Now with all the bullshit J.J. has had to put up with lately, I’m surprised he didn’t call in an air strike.

Well Mr. Rogers has been banned from the B.P. station so now he’s guilty of “Criminal Trespass” and has to go to jail. He tries to “walk away” but J.J. has to “force hands behind his back” before they take him off to jail. I’m sure Officer Heard it all helped in the process.

Mr. Rogers got to fly to Pineville in a semi-air conditioned police cruiser. From what I hear they checked him into his usual suite because of his past frequent flyer miles. Which include but are not limited to:

Assault on a Police Officer X1
Assault X2
Resisting Arrest X3
Public Intoxication X4
Bench Warrant X4
Fleeing or evading Police (On Foot) X2
Disorderly Conduct X3
Violation of EPO/DUO X1
Shoplifting X2
Criminal Trespassing X2

Mr. Rogers was charged with “Disorderly Conduct” and “Resisting Arrest”. He was placed under a 3 thousand dollar “cash” bond. He was released 4 days later. Nice flight huh?

There you have it, Flip, Flop And Fly.

Just another day in the life of the boys in blue on the Middlesboro Police Department. 3 that seem to enjoy the Pineville School For Crime keep enrolling.

Thank You “Heard It All”, “The Night Stalker” and “J.J.”. We really appreciate your service to the community. You Rock!!!

Go Team Middlesboro!!!

“Flip, Flop, And Fly” By The Blues Brothers Click Here

“The following article is based on open and public records from the Middlesboro Police Department as well as The Bell County Detention Center Website and is written in the style of satire as an opinion piece not associated or based on the opinions of The Polygraph News, Incorporated—it’s founders, owners or staff.”