The Joker:

This one won’t take long. On July 20th around 11:30 P.M. The Food City in Middlesboro called the cops about an intoxicated lady on the premises that was shoplifting. Officer M. (Bruce Lee) Bradley and J. Quillen responded to the call. Officer K. (Big K.) Vanover served as back up. Officer Bradley found Ms. Terry Jean Ellis of Tazewell in the store and not doing so well…in other words…3 sheets to the wind (“bloodshot eyes”, “difficulty walking” etc.). Besides her physical condition, Ms. Ellis also had 3 different kinds of pills in her possession.
While Officer Bradley is making the arrest on Ms. T. Ellis, Officer Quillen finds Ms. Ellis’s comrade in the store also…Ms. Angela F. Ellis of Harrogate. Well, Ms. A. Ellis is also in possession of drugs, shoplifting and not feeling her best (High, Got a good buzz). She also has several warrants on her. Therefore, Officer Bradley makes another arrest.

Well, once the ladies were secured in the back of the cruiser, Officers Bradley and Quillen escorted them down to the rest stop for Claiborne County shop lifters in Middlesboro…The Detention Center. Big K went back in to Food City to get some Krispy Creams (On Sale).

Ms. A. Ellis and Ms. T.J. Ellis are still lodged/housed/staying/being accommodated at the time of this writing, in the Bell County Detention Center, a place no lady should ever have to be. The charges and bond amounts will be listed below direct from the Jail site.

So, not the most exciting weekend in Middlesboro, but, sometimes it’s nice to have a little quiet. Officers, Bradley, Quillen and Vanover (Big K.) answered the call and did what they are paid for. Taking down 2 shoplifters in the local grocery store at almost midnight ain’t exactly how most of us want to spend a Friday Night.

Ok, I’ll call it quits here, just remember that the swarm is out there all hours of the day and night protecting you. The boys in blue are way outnumbered by the bad guys you know and paid much less. 2 Chicks from Claiborne County weren’t that much trouble for the boys, but, the double chocolate Krispy Creams on sale, lets see how they explain all those chocolate stains on their uniforms and inside the cruiser.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!

T.J. Ellis:

Angela Ellis:

Middlesboro Police Report Click Here