They Fought The Law and The Law Won…Middlesboro Police Diaries

The Joker:

On July 4th, around 11 P.M. the good folks of 36th street between Exeter and Winchester called our boys in blue to check out someone “that caused alarm to residents”. As is their custom the boys came running, Officer J. (heard it all) Hurd, J. Quillen and Lt. E. Myers (Mr. Serious) were on the scene in minutes. When the perpetrator saw the swarm, he did what his instincts told him…took off running. The boys aren’t happy, Joe Holder is at home, therefore, they take off in pursuit. They ordered the suspect to stop several times but he wouldn’t and the pursuit went on for 1/4 mile (long way). Huffing and puffing the boys ran down the 21 year old suspect. Yeah, the boys got game too.

Mr. Ryan Snowden is charged with Trafficking first degree (meth), Drug Paraphernalia, Fleeing and evading 2nd degree (on foot) and disorderly conduct 2nd degree. He won a free trip to Bell County’s most popular hang out …The Detention Center under a 10k “Cash” bond.

Oh now there is a just a little more to this story. Mr. Snowden had in his possession a bag with 7.75 oz of meth, baggies and a scale. That’s a lot of meth for someone listed on the police report as “homeless”. My guess, Mr. Snowden is an agent of “The Pusher Man”.
Besides the physical feat of running down a 21 year old male on meth, the boys took that big bag of poison off the streets. That cost the Pusher Man money. I like that. Officers Hurd, Quillen and Myers …hats off to you. Thank You.

Next, on July 5th 2018, Sgt Burchett (Bust Em), went to serve a warrant for Parole violations of FTA for treatment and Absconding parole supervision on Mr. Justin Brown from Noetown. Mr. Brown was certainly not appreciative of Sgt. Burchett’s efforts and therefore he “was out in the road yelling and screaming and causing alarm to the neighbors”. Take my word for it. It ain’t easy to alarm anyone in Noetown. Anyway, Mr. Brown was cuffed and searched and of course as all these stories go, he was in possession of Meth.

I’m sure Sgt. Burchett and Mr. Brown enjoyed a lovely conversation on the way to Pineville where Mr. Brown is now residing. Besides the warrants Mr. Brown was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Possession. Of course there is no bond. Thank You Sgt. Burchett.

Let’s go back in time a little bit. Around 5 o’clock on June 26th Sgt. Cowan was traveling West on Cumberland avenue at a rapid clip whereas he passed a Jeep about 17th street. Sgt Cowan (Big Bear) recognized the driver, a real bad guy with several warrants on him. Sgt. Cowan turned in order to allow him to get behind the suspect but the suspect knew what was happening and hit the gas. He wheeled the Jeep through the parking lot of Cumberland Market and proceeded at a high rate of speed up Longwood Rd. passing and almost hitting Officers Dray and Bradley who were outside their vehicle on a call. Naturally, Officers Dray and Bradley joined Sgt. Cowan in the pursuit which ended up on Winchester avenue and eventually outside the city limits. The jeep chose a road that was “unfriendly” to the Police Cruisers and got out of site. The Pursuit was called off. Rats !!!

Jump ahead to today around 4 p.m. The boys got a tip about the location of the above suspect. They sprang into action and surrounded the house. Officer Dray (The Professor), Officer K. Vanover and Lt. Tom Busic (The Southern Gentleman) held the perimeter while Sgt. Cowan knocked on the door. Surprisingly no one would answer. After a few more polite knocks the Big Bear took action. If you know Sgt. Cowan then you know that the door didn’t have much of a chance. The Door came down and Sgt. Cowan went in. The swarm followed Big Bear inside where the suspect surrendered without incident. The suspect was lucky.

I gladly list Mr. Matthew Price’s Charges: No Operations Licence, Disregarding stop sign X 3, Fleeing or Evading Police (Motor Vehicle), Wanton Endangerment of a Police Officer X 2, Reckless Driving, Bench Warrant for Fleeing or Evading, Bench Warrant for Criminal Mischief 1st degree, Bench Warrant for Burglary 2nd degree PERSISTENT FELONY OFFENDER, Bench Warrant for operation a motor vehicle under the influence.

Now isn’t that SuperCowanFragilisticBigBearAliDocious ?

The Swarm took a really bad one of the streets today. Officers Dray, Vanover, Bradley, Quillen, Hurd, Sgt. Cowan, Sgt. Buchett, Lt. Myers and Lt. Busic risked their lives to keep your’s safe. Think about that for a minute.

Lastly, The City of Middlesboro has two issues it better start addressing real soon. 1. The Homeless problem. I warned city officials before that if nothing was done it would not only be bad for the residents but worse for law enforcement. 2. Chief Sharp, get the boys a 4 wheel drive vehicle so they don’t have to give up pursuit. I got plenty of friends in the car business, it can be done at a good price. They had a beautiful Hummer at Ole Ben Franklin’s recently. You’d get to drive it too Jeff.

The boys in blue don’t give up. The long arm of the law will get you. All of the above tried to fight the law but the law won. Don’t step on a Yellow Jacket nest.

Go Team Middlesboro !!!